Why do I feel like this after 3 days of not PMOING??

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Venom1, May 20, 2017.

  1. Venom1

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    Before I joined this site a year ago I would pretty masturbate everyday to or without porn (most of the time to).....a year has passed since I joined and I had a one - three good 11day streaks, a few seven day streaks, and a lot of 3-5 days streaks....what I don't get right now is why is it that I feel so down in the dumps and feel depressed for no reason what so ever after like 1-3 days of not masturbation to or with porn??? Any ideas??
  2. Rigel7

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    Simple. Dopamine withdrawal. Dopamine is the chemical your brain releases to make you feel happy when you PMO. When you stop PMOing, you have much less dopamine going into your brain, but your brain doesn't like that. So your brain makes you feel depressed in order to make you go back to something that will make you happy very quickly - PMO. It's part of the rebooting process, so don't give in. I'm having a rather morose moment myself, but I know I just need to hold on.
  3. LavaMe

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    I had a few streaks before my latest one. It didn't feel all that bad. But then with this streak I've felt a lot worse. I think the reason is because this time I'm really committed to quitting and have done big things to help me quit. I think my mind basically knows this is it for PMO. And it doesn't want to see it go. I think in the past the enemy knew I'd come back after a while. But since I'm quitting it is doing what it can to sucker me back. So I know the feeling. It sucks, but you have to keep fighting.
  4. naetonome

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    I think you have to alter your focus, try to get out and do something. Sports or whatsoever. Tell yourself to improve on something that you like to do. I think that really help wash away all those negative feelings.
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  5. LivinginRecovery

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    No don't give in. Hi @Venom1. I have had 4 of the worst days I think I have ever had because my brain is trying to get me back to PMO because I feel lousy right now but nothing good will come from giving in. Moving forward is the path to freedom even if at the moment everything looks miserable.

    Feel better soon @Rigel7.
  6. Mattsfreedom

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    It will pass its just a part of the process.

    Look at the positive at least your making it a few days without porn than everyday. That's progress.
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  7. Icyweb

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    It's tough, but you can make it through. What you need to focus on is distracting yourself from the fact that you're quitting, and pump your brain with some dopamine from other sources. What do you like to do? If you don't like anything in particular, or what you do like is video games, take up a new hobby. Try going for a walk, even half a mile per day will bring huge improvements to your mood.
  8. Txqjacki

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    Emotional distress comes with breaking any addiction. Drugs, alcohol, porn, everything. As described above, when you're watching porn, your brain releases dopamine. It's sort of a reward drug your brain can release. Like if you give a dog a dog biscuit.
    Once your brain stops releasing dopamine, that's when you start to crave more.
    You just gotta train your brain to release dopamine at the right times. Not when watching porn, but when running, meditating, playing soccer, or playing video games. Whatever you like.

    It's though, but the only thing you can do is suffer through it. Once you break the cravings, your brain will start to find new activities where it releases dopamine.

    Each time you give in to the cravings, you're only making it harder to stop! So the sooner you break out of it the better. The first weeks will be really hard, but you can do it!

    Stay strong friend!
  9. Venom1

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    Thanks guys :) I'll try all above...Stay Strong!!
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  10. ds112358

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    There's definitely a biological reason as has been said above. I like to think that the first few days of PMO abstinence is driven by that initial euphoria, that feeling of turning over a new leaf. It lasts a few days, and then the hard work begins. Here's when your internal motivation must kick in. Your values, your reasons, your long term goals, these must drive you from this point. I think not doing this is the reason why the majority of my and many others' reboots failed so many times in the early stages.

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  11. Txqjacki

    Txqjacki Fapstronaut

    Yesterday I had a really strong urge. But I didn't reject it. I embraced it, but without acting on it. I basically sat there, watching this urge just develop in my body. I clenched my hands to my arms so I wouldn't give in. It felt horrible to embrace the urges but not act on them. But that's what rewiring the brain is about. If you just observe your urges without oppressing them, but also not acting on them, your brain will associate this horrible feeling, with that urge. So in the future, the brain doesn't want to create this urge, cause it remembers the horrible feeling that comes with it. It felt horrible for the first 10-15 min, and your brain will find every little reason for you to do it, but just don't act on it. Embrace it and observe. After 15 minutes the urge went away, and I felt amazing. I haven't really had urges since, and if I felt urges coming, it's like they go away really quick.

    I'd really suggest you guys do the same. Next time you have an urge to watch P or M, just embrace that urge. But don't act on it. Embrace it, and experience it. I'm telling you, it's a whole physical experience. Really hard to explain. It's not just your mind that urges for it, it's your entire body kind of. After you've done this and felt horrible, you'll feel good. Do this everytime you get urges. I really think it helps in rewiring your brain.
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  12. riz_

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    You will feel like sh*t in the first week of nofap. After the second week, things will be better.
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  13. NotSoAverageJoe

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    Go see a therapist and talk asap.
  14. Mixtec

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    I am the same way homie. I'm currently on my 14th day no pmo. Normally I would relapse before the 14th day. This time I'm set on never going back to pmo until I find an actual real life woman. But the I've been waking up feeling so depressed, been living like a souless human being and nights are worse because I just don't know how to sleep without feeling so depressed. I've been having loss of appetite. I've never ever felt this depressed before. The only thing I look forward to is just talking to my only sister and just crying to her and she helps me cope. I guess we just caused so much damage to our brains using porn that it's going to be painful to recover.
  15. Scorpio007

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    It's my 3rd day. I feel like I may give up soon. but by reaching out to you guys and knowing that I am not alone has made me strong. Persistence is the key;to all those strugglers always remember that If one aim to achieve big, one ought to control the urges. Enslave your mind and desires not the other way round. Remember the long term benefits and recognition you'll get after you hold the reins of your urges. Certainly, it will help you.
  16. Don't give up you deserve so much more in life that this cruel lie and vicious cycle that is pmo.
    Keep pressing forward make changes you need to to make sure you don't fall. Take yourself out of the situations that make you vulnerable. Go for a walk Take that cold shower remind yourself of how rubbish it always is and how bad you feel afterwards.
    Write out your feeling daily be it in a journal online here or in a diary it truly helps getting those thoughts and feeling out on paper.
    Love yourself and if it feels like you can't now trust me in time you will feel so much better about yourself than you do now. I'm only back at day 7 but before that I was at 42 days and even by a week or two the confidence comes you truly start to realize your potential.
    We have been lied to porn is a trap it keeps us basically castrated. And once you start running even a fraction above that numbed out after fapping level its better however little it may seem. You can win keep going mate.

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