why do some girls use old pics of themselves on dating websites /apps?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by matt2k12, Oct 26, 2021.

  1. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    i mean, not one month or 1-2 year old pics, but 5-10 year old pics - pics where they dont even look like they do now??

    if they are insecure about their looks, bad for them - but when they do that, they willfully mislead people who look on their profile and give them attention. how sick is that.
  2. kropo82

    kropo82 Fapstronaut

    Men do this too.
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  3. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    Everyone does this. It's shitty, but it's part of life
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  4. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    Not just old photos, but photoshop, eyes lens. Also I realiced just now from many years using dating apps is they take pictures in such a way that you believe they are all rich.

    I had the impression until now that all these girls on tinder and ig were rich. I found some of this girls at the gym I'm going and I know for a fact they are not rich. Even on the opposite side.

    But they take pictures in such a way, they even go to professional photographers, so they appear wealthy. I believe they do this so only rich or above average guys talk to them.

    Women are the masters of illusion and desguise.
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  5. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    well i have nothing against people wanting to show their best self by taking professional pics of themselves, i think thats normal. but for instance a 30 year old woman that uses a pic of herself when she was 20 as a profile picture, i think its disgusting character trait. it would be something different if she specifically said that was her when she was 20.

    tbh the reason for this thread was i found my ex on a dating site now and she did this. it gave my ego a nice boost lol. i dont want to be with someone who is like that. but somehow i pity her too. while i was in relationship i was aware of her insecurities and i wanted to help her, well i got dumped, and yesterday after two months she reached out to me, asked me if i could return her a book she once borrowed me, i just told her she had it (i returned it when we were still together), and couple hours later she signed up on that dating website, which i know for a fact she did, because i checked all girls in that country on sunday and today, and on sunday she wasnt there.

    lord forgive me but im just a human and things like this they give satisfaction. i wish i'd be free of such low behaviours, and im praying to be and setting acts of forgiveness, but boy, does it feel good to know, that karma strikes always.

    @modern milarepa i believe the right term is cunning
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  6. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    It's deceiving if you want to look rich if you are actually poor. Which many girls do
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  7. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    not everyone man.

    it is i agree.
  8. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    I hope you are talking about an old ex and you didn't break up with your current girlfriend. Things seemed to be going good.
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  9. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    It requires skill to know if the pictures are up-to-date. Usually they show a picture of her real self, usually is the last photo.

    If she her weight changes too much in the pictures, also she does not show her body so much, the type of dress can hide fat all that one has to look.

    In that regard women don't have so much decency from what I've seen she can be 45 y. o looking like she was 20 years younger using photoshop or just old photos.
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  10. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    I don't use 5-10 year old pics because 5 years ago I was under 18 hahaha, but I totally use pics from some time ago or pics where I'm more muscular to get better matches.

    Whether it's dating, the job market, or getting a loan, people always put their best foot forward to get what they want. If you don't then that's just not very wise.

    If you go out with a girl who looks completely different than her photos, just be polite, finish out the date, try to have fun, and then just don't see her again. Perfectly normal response.
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  11. modern milarepa

    modern milarepa Fapstronaut

    You were the breaking point. That call was she wanting to be with you again. Women never reach out by chance.

    But if you don't want her then let her go
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  12. matt2k12

    matt2k12 Fapstronaut

    hm? i dont have a current girlfriend my friend. it was the one i wrote about in my journal and the big ass thread about why she didnt reach out, september 8th.. she broke up with me, man. i did what a man has to do, i followed my purpose, which was to leave country for another one, and she said shed support me and love me, and it sucked here at the beginning and i was homesick, which i allowed myself to communicate to her, and three days after she last wrote me she love me and is proud of me, she said she never loved me and that i shouldnt run after her. fucking girls man, they always get you, if you let them.

    your young and male, this stuff dont apply to men as well as women, as men are success object, and women are beauty objects. ugly men can have pretty girlfriends if they are successful, but an ugly woman, sorry, but nope.

    its true, people put their best foot forward, they should, but the matter is, they should be honest.

    tbh i dont know how i would react, if that would happen for me. but if im man enough, id be calling her out that she lied by putting out that pic that doesnt resemble her trueself, and that i dont want to spend my time with someone who is deceiving..

    it looks like it, right. but i dont know. btw it wasnt a call it was just a message on telegram. she didnt ask any personal question, she just said she hoped i was fine and if i could return that book. of course the thought occured that maybe it was just a pretence to contact me and feel the waters. but it didnt feel like it. maybe she really didnt know about the wereabouts of the book. i dont know. and i dont want to know. and i dont want to care. and i dont want to have nothing to do with this person again. and i have this feelings of wanting satisfaction and seeing her hurt and her showing up with tears in her eyes and asking for forgiveness and begging to have me back - BUT I DONT WANT THAT. i know its just the ego, man, and i want to kill it. i want to genuinely forgive her and move on. i just dont know how. the fact that i write lengthy ass messages here is proof that my ego is still at it...
  13. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    The game is starting to change. The financial and reproductive liberation of women is changing their relationship patterns. More women are starting to want short term, non-monogamous relationships. They're also starting to be pickier based on their looks. It's just a sign of the times. I'm lucky to have a good build, easy clothing style, and moderate grooming habits, but you can see just through ads that men are starting to become more obsessed with their appearances to match the growing criticality of women.

    People should be honest, but they just don't. It's human nature. Everyone does it for everything. If you're doing interviews for a potential preschool for your child, you're gonna brag a little too much. When you submit a resume, you're not gonna put your weaknesses. When you submit a college app, you're gonna say you're the President of a prestigious club at your high school that only has 3 members.

    This is just life. To expect other people to do it and not do it yourself is a little silly.

    You of course should not stick around anyone that flat out lies, but expecting people to make themselves look as good as possible is just how life goes
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  14. p1n1983

    p1n1983 Fapstronaut

    Don't waste time chating with her if you don't know if she is the real deal.
    Been on social apps is kind of a detective job to screen the good ones from the scrap. The ones that are really interested in meet you in person from the ones that just wants to be your online friend, use you for attention and validation, use you as an emotional tampon, use u for enternteiment when she is bored, the ones that use old photos or use filters or photoshop.

    If it happens to you to go out with the laters, just when you seee her and she is nothing like her pictures. Just say "hi and goodbye, I don't date people that are deceivers and you don't look like you photos. Bye..." Maybe if enough man do that, she can start to avoid posting fake pictures... just maybe..
  15. Honestly, I don't understand the concept of chatting with people as most of the things can't be said (any form of written communication in real time or just like this). It doesn't helps to convey meaning and emotions. I will usually fix a time where I will call people who need to talk with me or If I want to talk with them. Text Chats are not for complicated communication. Even I, while writing forget things which I want to write because mind floods with thousands of thoughts which can't be conveyed easily and fast enough.
  16. p1n1983

    p1n1983 Fapstronaut

    I agree that the best is to meet people in person. This chatting thing take place in online dating were before asking out a woman is wise to chat a little bit to know if she is really into us and is fun to chat with her at least. You are going to chat with a lot of woman online, you can't ask out of all them because is a waste of time, so you can chat a little bit so you can ask out the best candidates.
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  17. ~icandothis~

    ~icandothis~ New Fapstronaut

    I’m on the border between Millennials and Gen Z, and I’ve noticed that Gen Zers are more likely to have photos with filters/photoshop, I think it’s because they grew up with Snapchat from a young age so they think filters that make your eyes huge and give you digital makeup are normal.

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