Wish I didn't need "this" to feel normal (Poem / Thought)

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  1. Wish I didn't need "this" to feel normal
    A radical shift must overtake
    to change the tide of my be
    To be is of peace
    To be is to be free
    To be is to find the ideal me
    The me I never knew
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  2. Poems make me feel strangely good.
    They give me nostalgia, a feeling of seclusion and a peaceful emptiness simultaneously.
  3. I paced in my own sweat pursuing my pleasures and when it bothered me, I stood to feel the breeze. When the stench of the sweat faded I paced again for no reason.

    I wished a path with trees on both sides and breeze evergreen , with carved metal benches of which I always dream.

    I was seeing such a path beside me for some days , but I was reluctant to stride it , for it was too good to be true. I didn't trust such ample walk from me so I refused it. I was feeling clever with my pauses in the present path with some breeze.

    Somehow I stumbled on the other path .It was surprisingly delightful and surprising was the fading away of my thought of cleverness from that breeze.

    This path was true and what's more better was that there were footsteps of other people on this path too.

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