You have to watch this Documentary (Potential trigger?)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Dekk, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Dekk

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    If you're signed up to Netflix then you have to watch it!
    Jeez, it's so disgusting to see the way they are using girls at the porn industry..
    Girls who are only 18-19 years old who hasn't experience anything in their life yet.
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  2. kropo82

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    Agreed, I watched it at the start of my current streak and it was a real motivation
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  3. Tatendrang

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    It will seem reductive and misogynistic to say this but the system wouldn't work if women weren't whorish. Unless you're talking about actual slavery (which exists too) the female is the one who decided to shake her ass and have sex in front of the camera. Nobody pointed a gun to her head.
  4. One Mic

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    Here. Let me fix that for you.

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  5. Tatendrang

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    Oops I thought I put a "the" in there but apparently I didn't.
  6. Infrasapiens

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    Is that a woman that exists? Relapsed.
  7. need4realchg

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    Full honesty. I was a little worried about watching this but I made sure I was self aware when I did.

    Okay so I fail to see the “enlightening “ part of the video. Why is it cinema veritee to show the same shit that made Galveston trips for spring break famous ? Wild women are common, and money driven plus under the influence of some substance oftentimes.

    I think it’s predatory that producers seek them out. Today I felt disgust for the FIRST time when thinking about how devious those producers have to be. And then claim its legal. Fuck this system man.

    Wow. It is great to feel my emotional attachment rise to protect women from their stupidity and money search.

    That one line “it can’t be healthy to have this much sex with that many people. “

    Made me really think about myself. I don’t do it for the money ... lets me revisit my motive and examine my true needs.
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  8. onceaking

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    When some says you have to do something I tend to not do it. Although I saw it a few years ago so it doesn't matter.
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  9. Dekk

    Dekk Fapstronaut

    Because they see it as an opportunity to make easy money and because the porn industry gives them false promises about a luxury life and sht.
    (remember that we are talking about 18-19 year old innocent girls who probably doesn't know about this trap)
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  10. Get_It

    Get_It Fapstronaut

    Did you have to post the actual Netflix trailer of a documentary with youthful, comely young women on a board for porn addicts trying to recover?
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  11. Dekk

    Dekk Fapstronaut

    1. I have mentioned that this thread might have a potential trigger in the title
    2. I can promise you that the last thing you'll want to do after watching this docu is to watch porn.
    You gotta come to it from a perspective of a guy who wants to learn and to change himself for the good.
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  12. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    lol. I agree with you here. Trailer is suggestive enough if you are fresh into your streak I could see why it is really triggering.

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