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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by changinguser, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Hello. So, I wanted to ask any advice on how to stop using YouTube so much. Because usually every time I relapsed from porn, I would open YouTube and rewatch any videos for nearly an hour to make me feel a little better. The problem is that even when I don't relapse of because of porn, I do use YouTube a lot. The worst part is, I watch videos that I already watched. TV series, movie clips, etc. This really affects my productivity too. Can't spend more than an hour and a half without opening YouTube. I want to use YouTube a source to learn and get occasional entertainment. But the way I use it is making extremely dumb. So, can anybody give me any advice? This becoming like the less harmful version of my porn addiction.
  2. You could use a program/extension that only allows you to be on youtube x amount of time, say 30 minutes a day and then blocks it.
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    Thanks. I actually had an extension, but I didn't like to use it because I feared that at some point I might need YouTube for a homework or something like that. BUT, since that really hasn't happened my little caution is doing more harm than good, I'll definitely follow your advice. Thanks again.
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    I use the chrome extension called timestats that tells how much time someone spends using the chrome browser. I actually did a report on this for college a few years ago and was shocked but not surprised to find that I watch about 16 hours of YouTube per week and about 4 hours of Facebook per week. That does not even include porn because I would use a private browser. I would recommend a timer or something. I will admit as well that I spend way too much time in front of my computer.

    It sounds like YouTube is a poor substitute for porn in your case. It really isn't going to rewire you like you think it will. I did the same thing last year binging on video games and truthfully all it did was delay my relapses for a few days.
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    Well seems I'm not the only one with YouTube Addition here :)
    Don't worry dude.
    As someone who manages to reduce his time in YouTube from 8 hours to 1 hour, I can tell you I to improve your NoFap challenge and watching less Network TV (AKA YouTube).

    If you use YouTube in your PC then hears a simple solution for your problem !
    - Open Notepad on Admin
    - go to -- > C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Folder
    - Search for all type files
    - Open file named Hosts
    - Simply type this below the written text:
    - Save
    - Now you reach YouTube :)

    BTW , you can also block any other website you wish to. Like all famous Porn sites.
    It helped me a-lot reaching this far in the Nofap challenge.
    Good luck , and don't give up.

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