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I'm looking for a comprehensive compilation of scripture regarding sexual sin and immorality as it applies to pornography and masturbation and thought this was the best place to find it. Can anyone refer me to such a resource? I'm new to this website even though this is an old account. I made it years ago and never touched it. May I have some assistance?
Jeremym323 more_vert
The ones that I know are 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and Genesis 38:9.
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Thomas8 more_vert
Would recommend two books - "Every man's battle" and "Surfing for God". Both of these books have many scripture dealing with sexual impurity which is what PMO is.
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Tao Jones
Second the recommendation on Every Man's Battle. Also worth looking at is 10 Lies Men Believe About Porn. Very freeing!
Chakas more_vert
As far as Genesis 38:9 goes, I was always under the impression that Onan "pulled out" and didn't masturbate. This was my interpretation even before I knew this verse was used as a verse against masturbation. It just seemed rather obvious to me the way it is worded in the KJV Bible. I always thought that masturbation was the act of self-abuse referred to in the Bible. My view of it is that any sexual activity not with or towards your spouse is sexual sin.
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Yeah that’s what I think too. It probably does fall under that. I agree.