Flatline (Tips & Tricks To Beat it) and General Insight into it

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Do you often relapse during Flatline?

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  1. BloomingMystery

    BloomingMystery Fapstronaut

    Ok so flatline is something that is really variable for everyone, everyone has different meanings and experiences with it but basically it means a period of time where libido falls below sub-zero and you generally are non-horny but HIGHLY susceptible to triggers so.... what am i gonna write here?

    Well am currently at almost 3 weeks into NoFap and i have battled this 'thing' and I wanna give you all some help to deal with it....soo am gonna write some tips and then general things to know.....

    TIP 1) When Flatline starts, you wont notice it straight away but you will begin to feel that you are working less harder , your productivity has suddenly dropped and you're lazy AS HELL.... so when this happend when you figure it out i want you to use that time to Write a schedule for yourself or some tasks you wanna fulfil im the coming 2-4 days ..... something easy which you can easily do but arent doing right now, for example: If you want to get abs start working out with those 7 minute apps as the resistance towards working out for 7 minutes is low and you will fulfilled after completing the workout everytime.
    MY RECOMMENDATION: Meditation ( use apps like Headspace, Mindfulness, Conscious) .... though you won't feel the benefits immediately, you WILL feel more in control.

    TIP 2) After knowing that the flatline has begun, try to stray away from all the basic shit that people usually do like social media, videogames, binge-watching shows and movies, etc.
    What i mean is that you have to give up low density work like the above because NoFap isn't about not watching p**n and not fapping but its about replacing those habits with new and good ones like running, yoga, meditation.
    Science Jargon: Our limbic system is responsible for releasing dopamine whenever we do activities like eating fruit, making love, playing and it DOES NOT hold back, After all making sure that your genes stayed in business was the top priority and it doesn't differentiate between the good and bad like even if you eat candy, the limbic system will go,"Woah that was great!! Have more!!" as it was hard to come by fruits in prehistoric times.

    You CANNOT give it control... so you can start by deleting youtube (or disabling it),
    Quit instagram, facebook, AND SURELY quit playing videogames all night and Binge watching shows, as these are low density tasks and you don't want to replace an addiction with a new one.
    "An alcoholic switching to lite beer isn't fighting his addiction, he is merely replacing it with another."
    Do high density tasks like Go running, read a book, play football or any sport as your brain will try to latch onto any low density task it can get its hands on,
    like imagine pushing your brain from a cliff with a choice to jump or fall, now the high density tasks lie above and though they are just in reach they require that effort that 'jump' and down the cliff lies all the low density crap like Binge watching, Gaming all nighters, Social Media Slacking....Guess what will you do ....... You will fall as you have options that are easy and dont require much effort. So how to fight this?
    MY RECOMMENDATION: Block these apps or delete them, and if you block them , give the password to a friend(who cares for you) or a parent or someone you trust. Now even if you do get the urge the options are gone so your brain will think; "Let's jump, it wont hurt me" and that is when you start replacing the habit with a new and good one.
    Download an app called 'Reboot' on android( am sorry apple users but you will have to look for an app yourself), it has everything.... Gives you things to do instead of PMO , gives you studies and insight about the negative impacts and also has a help button should you get triggered.

    TIP 3) To fight the low motivation problem and start working or doing your homework and to get out of the "Flatline Slump" , I suggest first do something you like , put on a favourite song and dance to it, or Go for a walk or talk to an old friend. Now when that's done you will feel elated and much more in flux and then you can begin working. Now when you do sit to work, start with the easiest homework like some questions you need to solve, some research, etc. (all the easy part)
    If you need help to stop distractions while you're using the internet for resaerch, look up 'Thomas Frank' on youtube, He is one of my favourite youtubers and gives some great insight if you are a student or even if you are working a job though watch only 2-3 videos or you will fall into that spiral of watching 'How not to procrastinate videos' while procrastinating.


    Generally when you begin NoFap i want you to visualize the scenario where you have done NoFap successfully and visualize it clearly, write journals... anything that helps you.
    NoFap isn't about just not watching p**n and not fapping, it's about replacing the old shitty habits with new and good ones.

    "To Shine Like The Sun, First You Must Burn Like One."~ A.P.J Abdul Kalam

    P.S. I may post again on topics that i feel are some that we don't know much about or on things which i couldn't find much insight. Things that i had trouble with or which i thought were generally are not talked about in depth.

    Feel free to drop any questions!!! :) :) :)
  2. Kalamaari

    Kalamaari New Fapstronaut

    I was worried about flatlining, and i am currently on my 38th day. In the last days i am realizing some changes and I saw this interesting definition on our terminology session:
    • Flatlining: Many NoFap® users report one or more periods of zero libido during their streak, especially in the 2-6 week period. Transitioning from an overexcited, always-eager libido to none at all can be disconcerting and even scary for the experienced masturbator, but many Fapstronauts report that it is only a phase in the reboot and will pass.
    That was the change I was reffering about. Erections are coming back and it really motivated me to keep up the program.

    Some suggestions for people who are fighting:

    -Use the website day counter to help motivating yourself on emergencies

    -i am using a stepcounter to increase the number of steps i do it daily. Doing a regular physical activity like walking or running makes your body to work and helps in the process. Take your dog to know new places.

    -i had two relations during the 38 day with a partner. In both cases The first attempt was ok until the end but I couldnt make that work for a second time and flatlined.

    - I talked about rebooting with her and with a close friend who used to be part of an anxiety discussion group. I just told them exactly what happened: i was having problem to get excited with real life and could only do with porn.

    Hope this testimony could help you guys on the trenches.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Thank you for this man!
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  4. ForeverChanges

    ForeverChanges Fapstronaut

    Brilliant insight and comments. Thanx a lot!
  5. SirReal

    SirReal Fapstronaut

    I think I'm flatlining..as I feel extremely-dead-ass-tired.. Had a few rough days so it makes sense my energy is lower however I get triggered for like no reason and urges are stronger. Have some tasks set out for the next days though so I hope I'm good.
  6. I´m for three years into NoFap now, and since this year I don´t experience any more flatlines. I know that I´m lucky and I´m happy with that. Maybe it´s also an effect of getting used to very few MOs.
  7. Three years without relapsing?
  8. No. As my day counter tells, not. Three years continously into learning, into some shorter, some longer streaks. I decided to make No-M, No-O my lifestyle, but still I´m far away from what you reached.
  9. LonelyStrength

    LonelyStrength Fapstronaut

    What about listening to music while flatlining? To me music doesn't seem as enjoyable anymore, is this because i'm going through the motions? or am i overreacting? any insight? thanks

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