27 and Aspergers Given up on Women

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Maverix92, Nov 19, 2019.

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    I’m a 27 year-old male diagnosed with Aspergers’ since I was 3, grew up an only child, am great at studies, even did a BA Degree in Digital Media Production but really struggle with socialising especially women.

    This hasn’t been helped by the fact I was pretty much addicted to masturbation since I first did it when I was 13, and never really stopped completely, I’m so grateful I discovered this community, just reading other members posts on here make me realise how many other guys are going through the same struggles I’m experiencing right now.

    I feel like my addiction to porn and masturbation has messed up my view of women and only seeing them as objects of attraction rather than individuals which is why I’m trying my best to quit porn altogether and try and cut down masturbation. (The longest I’ve gone with NOFAP in the last few years has been about 2 weeks, yeah, I know it’s not great but there was a period I was doing it several times a day so I see it as progress)

    I’ve only ever had 1 relationship when I was 21 and lasted only 2 months, since then I can’t stop thinking about getting into another relationship no matter how hard I try to ignore my desires.

    I’m worried that due to my Aspergers making life more complicated, my social anxiety and the fact Im terrified of asking a girl out even though deep down I want to but my fear holds me back makes me feel just giving up on the idea of love.

    Any advice would be really appreciated :)
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    could you explain what aspergers exactly is? (for those who dont know, very curois :) )
  3. Maverix92

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    Basically it’s a milder form of Autism where I’m classed as high-functioning but still struggle with certain social situations, especially meeting new people and for me talking to women my age.
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  4. Asperger brothers unite! lol

    There is a place called Wrong planet runned by Alex Plank. I'd encourage you to check that place out., You may have some luck there

    He used to have a dating section there. Haven't been there in a while so I don't know if it's still there
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    16, with aspergers. Just keep on nofap, focus on the goal at hand, do anything you enjoy that will help you. Cold showers, meditation, exercise, reading etc. social interaction is terribly hard, but it has gotten so much better since I started nofap. Less awkwardness, and I two more, feel comfortable. I’m on day 63 (206 since I started) keep your head up, you’ll find someone
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    I understand what your going through. Throughout my grade school all the way to high school, I also had this disorder. I needed special help with my speech patterns, social situations, and my behavior around people. I still have some problems to this day. But do NOT worry about it.

    This is what happened to me on my NoFap journey.. When I first started I relapsed MULTIPLE times... i forced myself to stop PMO’ing for 1 month and noticed unexpected changes around that time. Women that I haven’t spoken too for a while started texting me. Some act unusually friendly around me during work. I overall became aware of there presence in any situation. Just be friendly back and say a few things. Don’t even think about it. ALWAYS remain focus on what your doing, try not to focus on the women.

    Because of this I got a promotion at my work. And now I’m teaching people and helping them with solutions. Since I have this disorder I never really thought I would be doing any of these. NOT even once...and I still feel great!

    If your ever planning to go the doctors, that is not the best solution. Doctors will say a lot of things to have you come back and pay for unnecessary treatments... you may become addicted and lose more money, and sometimes they won’t be availible to offer their services. Eventually, you will have to deal with it on your own. Am I right?

    NoFap/semen retention is a natural remedy. You will literally have the power to do anything you want. It will just take time, patience, and consistency. It may take months or even years. You have to apply eating healthy, any type of exercise, and cold showers, to see results quicker. But YOU will notice these changes your life. Trust me.

    JUST REMEMBER women come and they go. Focus on yourself. That’s it. The end goal is work hard on what your trying to accomplish in life. Eventually you will find someone that will want to share the same experience with you. NoFap is just the start. And to be honest it’s a LIFE CHANGER.

    Here is the downside though(Through my experience).. You will get BAD days and GOOD days. Take everything with a grain of salt. it’s really hard to stay on this path. You will get hurt A LOT.. you will get urges.. you will have nightmares.. you will DEFINITELY lose control over your emotions.. The trick is to ENDURE that pain and try to stay VIGILANT. There’s no other way to relieve it other than yourself(your mind).. If your willing to stay on this rough path, then your on the right track to do great things. YOU will become STRONGER, SUCCESSFUL, and positive things will come your way.

    And I experienced all of this in only one year of my NoFap journey (with relapses). Imagine doing it for even longer... who knows what might happen.

    Still don’t believe me? Try asking other people in this community. Watch some vids on NoFap. These will also help motivate you to keep going.

    Life isn’t easy. So let’s grow some balls and pursue our goals!

    Sound good? ;)
  7. There's nothing wrong with giving up. I gave up on love a while ago and it was probably the best thing I've ever done. I'm so much happier now. I fully expect I will never be in love and I'm totally fine with that. I have moved on and I have a better life now. I don't know why people say things like "never give up," it makes no sense I say the opposite. Give up on as many things as possible and you will be happier.
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    Why do you stop yourself from meeting women? I understand you liked the relationship you had.
  9. lolos

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    Fuck giving up bro. Just work on your social skills and confidence, especially confidence. I'm starting to think that 80% of communication is basic body language, voice tonality and eye contact. Work on these. Stop saying ums and ahhs, speak from your balls, look people in the eye, be sure of yourself when you speak and stand with good posture. Once you have these you can work on the other 20% by observing people. Practice it with your friends, with your family, with cashiers, with anyone you talk to.
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