30 Days No PMO After 7 Years!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by blookes, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Hey guys! So, I started NoFap with the determination to destroy my seven-year porn addiction. Fortunately, this is exactly what I did! As I was going through the cleanse, I wrote down many of the benefits and kept it handy on my phone so when I would get thoughts of relapse, I would look at list and use it as motivation.

    The most noticeable and proven benefits are less back pain, less abdominal pain and a deeper voice. I also feel a lot more masculine and confident; as a result, more people treat me with respect. Some of the benefits I've noticed:

    NoFap Benefits

    -bigger muscles

    -less back pain

    -less abdominal pain

    -bigger d

    -less headaches

    -more confident

    -more talkative

    -more mindful



    -more spiritual

    -fetish gone

    -more masculine

    -deeper voice

    -feel more comfortable with my sexuality

    -save money (tissues/lotion)

    -more time/self-improvement

    -reduced jealously

    -no more slouching

    -less upper back pain

    -more attention from other people

    -more present (not having my head in the clouds)

    -more energy

    -stronger connection to animal and plant life

    -lose fat

    As you probably know, NoFap did not specifically create all these benefits; what it did is that it would kick start one benefit which creates another benefit. For example, more confidence means less stress, less stress means more happiness. Joining NoFap was one of the best decision I have ever made.
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    Reduced jealousy is actually a thing yoo! You all of a sudden just become happy about who you are and you realize never to compare your situation with other people’s! Plus can you explain how u realized that you had lost ur fetish for whatever it was!
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  3. blookes

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    Sure. I'm not going to go into exactly what my fetish was (to prevent triggering relapse for other brothers), but what I will say is that because of this fetish I had difficulty approaching men I was attracted to. Once I gained confidence and started loving myself unconditionally, I realized (about day 20) that you do not have to be depraved to satisfy horny energy. Instead I started approaching men, who I found attractive and put myself in uncomfortable situations. By doing this I started attracting more love into my life which basically eliminated/destroyed my fetish.

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