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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    We were able to pull some strings at the office, and got your flight dates changed free of charge. Our mailman's cousin's babysitter's father works for the airline and we made it happen. 10 days to Algeria! It's waiting for you.
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    Wow that took me a bit of time to unravel :)
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  3. discovery

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    Hahahaha :D
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  4. Check in. I gave in yesterday morning and the night before. Taken down by a racy ad on Facebook, which I need to stay off of, obviously. Whenever I start idly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed it never ends well. Ready to start over and have a PMO-free rest of December. I fell asleep last night and didn't update the ranking but I'll do it tonight.
  5. discovery

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    This has never led me to a relapse, but I noticed some time back that it puts me in a very low energy state, like i'm somehow cognitively and emotionally lost. A deep feeling that I'm just wasting my damn time. I've since limited my facebooking to posting my own posts (which I always make sure have a certain quality of value- no random garbage allowed) and keeping up with my alerts. Otherwise, it's a rule to avoid the newsfeed. Sometimes this still happens anyway, but once I realize what I'm doing I stop. My life feels a lot less cluttered without knowing exactly what everyone from my past had for breakfast today.
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    Weekends are difficult. This one got the better of me.
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    Reset again. November was such a great month, December seems to be a bigger challenge--I've relapsed or fished every other day. I have a week of work starting tomorrow so that will at least help me establish a streak to build on. December can still be a great month.
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    Tough weekend. I went to a Christmas party on Saturday and had three drinks. I caught myself seriously contemplating relapsing.

    Yesterday was a stressful day at home... again, I thought of M just get my mind off my stresses.

    I still run to sexual pleasure for comfort.

    I signed up for some yoga this month. I have been pretty burned out and I need to slow down and stop looking for quick fixes.
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  9. bold0101

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    Checking in. Still doing ok, but still just extremely busy. Hope y'all are doing well!
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    Counter back up to 2.... Nice!
    My check in - Counter back to 1- another reset since the last one, but I think I’ll get rolling again here. I seem back on track and not just hoping to make it.

    Starting a new streak seems tough (and seems to take me a few tries to get started) until a few days then it’s like “how in the world did I ever turn to that crap to get away”.

    I’m looking to get a new streak going and then figure out how to get through tough times like @Timber has been doing the last few days.

    Good to see everyone keeping up the good fight!

    Get in touch with your friend for another extension @discovery but I’ll be traveling in 9 days... about the same time as @Wolf2019 and @artifact . We’ve got this next trip, 1 day at a time.
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  11. Circleinthesquare

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  12. persona2903

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    Tuesday check in, day 213.
    Sorry I don't write as often as before, but the group I opened thanks to the encouragement of @artifact takes me a long time ... but it's a job I do happy.
    As you all continue in the fight and every day I have in front of me that bifurcated path ... every day we have to strive to make the right decision. It would be good to make a decision once and for all ... but I don't think so. Yesterday has passed and tomorrow it did not arrive, so we have to make today's decisions for today.
    I like this biblical passage:
    Matthew 6:34 (NIV) "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
    May God help us to live this day with wisdom and strength!
  13. Wolf2019

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    Thinking a lot lately at this season about what a remarkable idea it is that God loves us enough to come down to earth as one of us and experience what we experience, and sacrifice himself for us. And that his love for us is a free gift of grace, not conditioned by our behavior. In a world that bases everything on performance, he accepts us based on identity, apart from behavior. It's simply a gift to anyone willing to accept it.

    Overcoming PMO will improve the quality of my life and help me be more consistent and productive in my service for God. But not overcoming PMO will in no way diminish his love for me or my identity as a son of his family. I am free to try, fail and try, fail and try, fail again without fear of being unloved, rejected, or lost from my Father. He provides a secure baseline of love I can always fall back on. Thank you Jesus.
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  14. Timber

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    I imagine that the message was always potent!

    I find equally compelling the message that when I do purify myself I do His work, I participate in something monumental and important that He has been doing from the beginning.

    @persona2903 is so right - it is a daily choice.

    I have been struggling daily, almost collapsing! But this message encourages me to no end!
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    Stayed clean for another 24. No peeking, scrolling or edging for 2 weeks.
  16. AEC Josh2415

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    Just checking in, it's been 2 weeks and I'm doing just fine.
  17. discovery

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    Will do. The guy's cool, he won't mind. I'll send him a tote bag as a 'Christmas present' just to make sure he knows who's taking care of him.
    WOAH! We're gonna have to get an electrician on retainer cuz... The Travel Board's about to BLOW UP!
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  18. @Despicable me and @JJ_Kino - it has been a while since you have commented. Do you still want to be part of this group?
  19. Here is a motivational tune for us guys down here at the bottom of the ranking. It's a long way to the top if you want Nofap!

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