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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. YHH

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    "I have read the rules and would like to join this group"

  2. magvor

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    I can completely relate to this.

    Unfortunately, I've had a reset today. It's been sneaking up on me for a couple of weeks and I just haven't cared enough to do anything about it. Bah.

    Sadly, the escape to PMO (which wasn't even pleasurable in _any_ way - not even for a moment) is going to cause more relationship difficulties and awkward conversations with my wife. Not been in a good place with that at all this year and, discouragingly, not much sign of improvement. Right now, I wonder why I even bother to make any effort at all.
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  3. tonyk1982

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    Day 11 - work sucks, everything with the wife is horrible (also wondering if it is worth the effort), life overall seems pointless. I've picked up the phone 3 times in the last hour to start looking at P, but put it down. So at least I've got that going for me. In this moment, staying clean is about the only thing I am finding any meaning in, so I better stay with the program.
  4. magvor

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    Man, I really feel for you. I don't know what to say, except try to keep on going. You're doing better than me right now!
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  5. Bethelightinmyheart

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    I feel strong and have made not only Nofap a priority this time around, but also not SIMPing. This means; no pointless random DM:s or messaging with girls on social media unless it is work related. No liking girls pictures, especially if she already has over 50 likes and especially if it is anything remotely sexual or entizing. I am having none of it, and loving every minute of it.
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  6. JJ_Kino

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    Failed again, I'm just spinning tires.

    I know when I can pull a string together I can go on a good run, just unable to get out of this slump.
  7. GottaBFree

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    It's similar for me. Hang in there. You'll get a good streak and some peace soon.
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  8. GottaBFree

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    Good luck man. I admire you for being willing to do that. Every post says that's what you need to do and it's not easy.

    I don't believe in being upfront about PMO. Lying is the way I choose to go.

    PM consumes and destroys, so it's a race against time. It's a horrible thing to conceal. I am committed to making the lie true one day.

    So make sure you get credit for being upfront lol.
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  9. JJ_Kino

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    Thanks bro.
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  10. Timber

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    Yes, I think you have identified your problem and I think getting rid of it is certainly an important process!

    on my end, my problem is that I can get addicted to anything, including being PMO free... again, I am just trying to figure out how to articulate it, but I am not there yet
  11. Jerky

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    Car broke down so i have to walk to the gym. Started going twice daily.
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    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

  13. One thing I have recently discovered: my ENT doctor had me on steriods several times during the early part of this year and during that time I was not able to get a good streak going. I think that maybe the increased testosterone level from the steroid use was also increasing my libido. I have been steroid-free for the last couple months and have noticed that I feel much more peaceful and able to maintain a streak without much of a problem (knock on wood). The same is also true with exercise. I know exercise is healthy but I think it also increases testosterone levels. So if you are exercising like crazy and pushing yourself to the limit, that could be contributing to the cycle of relapses. Just a theory, don't know if it applies to you but maybe it will help somebody.
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  14. Hello THH. The group is currently full but you have been added to the waiting list. When we have an opening I will tag you in a comment. It could be a few weeks.
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  15. It's interesting what you mentioned about exercise. I've often felt an increased urge for PMO after exercise, nothing crazy but it's there. No way I'm gonna stop exercising though. I just need to deal with any urges by moving on.
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  16. discovery

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    I feel like the exercise thing coupled with PMO, when taken to the extreme at least, is like drug addicts who take uppers to feel normal followed by downers to come down from the uppers to feel normal again. Extreme exercise (or any really) is another way to get the happy juices flowing in your brain. The exercise stimulates while the PMO numbs. Just another way to get your drugs really. It makes sense.

    In a different scenario though, when you're not getting your happy drugs by the normal means, exercise can be a healthy way to get that. I don't know. For me, I am always more likely to ward off PMO when I'm exercising than when I'm not.
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  17. Timber

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    Just exercise to the point of wanting to throw up... no urges then, for sure!
  18. GottaBFree

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    Hanging in there. One day at a time yada yada yada
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  19. Great awakin

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    30 days streak, after many tries, thk God! For those who are struggling, hang in there and keep going!
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  20. Tylerdarko

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    36 Divorced and I’ve got to turn things around. I have read the rules and would like to join this group.
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