40 days, 0 urges.

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    I'm not new to this. I've been battling for nopmo for many years, hundreds of streaks, some short some really long, many binge relapses in between; last year I reached 7+ months on hardmode, my longest ever. But in none of them I had zero urges, in none of them I felt at such ease and confidence and with no fear at all, of relapsing, as it is the case on my current streak.

    So what did I do this time?

    Since day one, two times a day -morning and evening- I do this quick practice/ritual, which you could call a blend of meditation, visualization, NLP, etc. The relevance is that it's working:

    I get into a squat like in the picture above, quickly relax and close my eyes and quietly and slowly say this 7 words with each breath.
    • Strenght
    • Control
    • Mastery
    • Energy
    • Success
    • Health
    • Freedom
    And that's a full session finished, less than a minute.

    So why do I think this work is that I am constantly reminding myself about the reasons, the why, I am programming myself, twice every single day.

    A few key points and suggestions I'd like mention:

    1. The posture is not important at all, find your own, it could be standing, laying down or while you're in the toilet even. What's important is that you get into your ritual position, meaning that you know that it's time to do the practice, that you are consciously deciding to do the thing.
    2. The words are not important, what's important is your meaning behind them, what you feel in your being and understand mentally when you think about the words. For example if your reasons to do Nopmo is getting a deeper voice, curing Erectile Dysfunction and getting rich, you could say: Voice, Hard, Money.
    3. Make it quick. This is adamant. I've tried meditation before and for some reason, it becomes a toil, and a tedious practice after a few weeks. I get bored and annoyed just thinking about that I have to meditate, and eventually stop, so if that is your case too, make it quick. Of course if you want to take longer and enjoy it, do so. All of this is an open idea for you to mold as you think is best for you.
    Good luck brothers.
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    I'm 100% borrowing this
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    Absolutely brilliant idea. It really does seem to have an effect. My three words are "voice, confidence, focus". Thanks mate
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    My first customer lol, I really hope it serves you as good and affective as it has been serving me.

    Excellent. I'm happy that it's helping you man.

    @Swift Escape @ajstath One last time, just really make sure that this routine doesn't evolve into a dispassionate lyric. Feel it emotionally and understand it mentally.
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  5. This is really good. For some reason I am not really able meditate for last couple of months at all. Not sure I feel tedious or tiresome rather feel more ineffectual after meditation. Honestly I am not able concentrate on my breath while doing this.
  6. Great idea! I think this is an excellent supplementation to my meditation routine.
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    I think I like meditating. I mean, I did get annoyed before , but for some reason currently I'm liking it. Though I am using app, so I don't know.
    But as I am currently having problems controlling my urges I will give this method a try for few days and see what happens.
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    Thank you. This gave me inspiration to try some new ideas.
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    I'm gonna definitely try this and let you know
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