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  1. Jonny1992

    Jonny1992 Fapstronaut

    I failed. need to start again.
  2. AX18RM

    AX18RM Fapstronaut

    0/7 stressful but have to go again. Will build up to beat my previous best
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  3. 4/7 .nothing in life should be feared, only understood.
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  4. leo da king

    leo da king Fapstronaut

    I'm leaving since I'm done @2525. By forever guys and good luck :)
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  5. 7 day challenge completed on 11 feb 2018. not looking back.
    peace :emoji_v:
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  6. @2525 please put my username in hall of fame.. i would love to see that.. thannks :emoji_relaxed:
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  7. leo da king

    leo da king Fapstronaut

    Also put my name on wall of fame
  8. dwalk77

    dwalk77 Fapstronaut

    Day 1/7

    Don't expect today to be easy, it's Sunday, lots of free time, and it's wintry outside. Keeping myself busy and connected in some way is important.
  9. Narasan

    Narasan Fapstronaut

    Day 3/7 complete. Only had some strong urges in the morning hours, but I was stronger then them. Almost halfway through and I feel like I'm getting more energy. Feeling good. Let's do this!
  10. Rudramast

    Rudramast Fapstronaut

    Day 7/7 ! Finally I did it !! After trying during many months without succeeding. I finished the 7 day challenge without even edging once. It was a perfect week. Absolutely no urges also because I could master my own thought and kill any root of desire rising from my mind. Not allowing it into actions

    Please put my name on the board :) @2525
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  11. Hamze

    Hamze Fapstronaut


    2525 you re a insprational
    2525 you are an inspiration for many without you, I and many others did not come this far ;-) i am been here for a month but it feels like i am here for years.
    real deep respect from the bottom of my heart.
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  12. TheCanadianJedi

    TheCanadianJedi Fapstronaut

    Over 7 days for me.

    No porn.
    No masturbation
    No sex.

    Just had sex with my wife for the first time in weeks. That felt amazing. HUGE explosion. Didnt know I was capable of that sort of output! LOL

    I'll never purposely watch porn again. Made the decision to quit and done. My wife and I have had a share of issues which was a damaging cycle leaving us both with issues. She's working on heres, I'm working on mine.
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  13. Thanks for the reply m8. I recently had another relapse (Day 6, which kinda stinks). However, reading your reply made me feel rather optimistic.
    I think everyone with experience from rejection know how painful it can be, though maybe we are differently wired to coup with it. I have a tendency to run away if life gets too painful, and internet pornography is obviously (and rather sadly) the cheapest and easiest way to forget yourself.
    Going through difficult times right now, but it’s been worse. Been cutting down with the drinking this week, and thankfully I haven’t fallen in to old habits with narcotics, which is a good sign.
    When I restart my counter this time, I’ll remember that every day without p is a tiny victory.
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  14. Eljesa

    Eljesa Fapstronaut

  15. Hi brother,
    Forgive yourself and try to be positive, anger and guilt won't help you in this,really not...
    We're human, and sometimes we slip down the road, but we can start over again, because every day is a new opportunity, really !

    Go with slow steps: try the challenges (thank you @2525 for creating them) and do them one by one, starting with the 7 days, 14, 21, 30, 60, 90 days,...
    The benefit of this strategy is that you have "in between" goals, and mentally this is important to stay motivated !
    I did this my first reboot, and it helped me a lot, just saying buddy :)
    You will do a long streak in no time, trust me, just believe in yourself and never quit, never ! :) Stay strong !
  16. jahebes

    jahebes Fapstronaut

    3/7. Physically very tired due to not enough sleep which is a bit dangerous. Otherwise doing great
  17. Adg2587

    Adg2587 Fapstronaut

    Starting Day 4/7 and am starting to realized how much more energy I have
  18. Hamze

    Hamze Fapstronaut

    7/7 finish the chellange up to the 14 days chellange :)
  19. Haywhy

    Haywhy Fapstronaut

    Day 1/7 i hope i make it this time

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