7 Days To Relapse (gotta love the title)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ARizen990, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. ARizen990

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    Yeah. I fucked up. I've managed to survive for a week, and yet back to 0 day.

    I was studying for a humongous, braincell murderer of a test which I will be taking in a few days in College. Suddenly when my brainly friend started to malfunction due to high concentration backlashes such as headaches (too long staring at a book filled with numbers fried my circuits), I felt tired. And yet this demon had to wake up to screw up my works. Following this horrific procedure, I failed to surpass the temptation and relapsed in order to "relax". A few seconds climax made me feel like garbage. I know this shouldn't happen. Cus' even the most hardcore/badass/Fapmans (see what I did there?) around here must have failed at some point, and learned something from each of your relapses (thank you guys for so many motivation posts. I've been reading lotsa' then in the past few days I've been here. And yet I failed. :(). For a kiddo who has discovered pornography since 8-10 (don't remember exactly but its around this age range), and was fapping since 11, I think a week of NoFap was one damning thing to do. Right now excuse me, fellas. Time to stretch a little, drink a cup of coffee, and go head back to the battlefield.
  2. StevieSunshine

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    It happens my man....i had to reset my counter back to zero today. Stay alert, stay strong! I'll see you on the battlefield!!!
  3. ARizen990

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    Indeed, soldier! Lock n' Load!
  4. sparkywantsnoPMO

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    Focus on your motivations of why you are giving it up.

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