90 vs 365 days nofap

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    Are the benefits same or anything else or more we get after 365 day? Because right now I am on 100th day, so I have already completed 90 days challenge which I gave to myself. But don't know what is there after 365 days. So if anyone knows tell me. If it is same then it will be clear for me. Or if something different is there then to see I will have to go beyond 365 . But tell me the truth because I don't want to see same result after doing so much on this challenge for almost a year...
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  2. Last year - I went to 324 days Hard mode, I relapse due to a mistake. Anyways, I remember having a lots of benefits:

    - A Higher level of Productivity!
    - A Higher level of Courage
    - The level of my impulsiveness decreased
    - The Brain Fog dissapeared
    - I had an increased level of Focus
    - I had so much Energy

    I guess there are too many benefits hiding a long the way! You just need to focus on yourself! And make NoFap a Lifestyle.
    Congratulations that you've made it to 90 days, my advice to you is to keep pushing, focus on building what P had destroyed. I'll see you after one year from now, Hopefully asking for 500 days this time ;) !

    Good Luck!
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    I speak from no experience, haven't managed a whole year clean just yet, but from an entire logic reasoning, the longer, the more cemented the benefits are, the longer you stay away from the pit, the harder to fall back to the bottom of the pit.

    I like to think it has if someone relapses, cuts their healing progress in half, like, if you have been 10 days, and your brain has recovered to a certain extend, it will be back to day 5, if you are at day 90, back to day 45, if you are at day 300, back to 150, so I like to think it as a way of cementing the benefits, not to allow relapses, but to enjoy a healthy sex life with a partner without feeling drained by something that is meant to be a good part of life.
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    I also think the same as to divide it by half if masturbation happens. I call it as power level. But if pmo then I divide it by 3 . And if that number comes near to zero then I take it as from 0 the power level.But now I haven't done anything for 101 days now

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