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    So, I've been thinking. NoFap really needs an archive to place all discovered and relevant studies in regards to masturbation, ejaculation and semen retention. Especially as I suspect, science will learn more about this in the future. I would say porn as well, but YBOP pretty much has that covered - and no one is debating at this point that porn is harmful. We have an archive of anecdotal evidence that is the success stories section - one for studies would be cool.

    Now this part might make people angry. Don't get angry!... But it has to be all studies to make optimally informed decisions. Collated studies on the PRO and CON side. If we just cherry pick the studies that agree with our preconceptions - we have officially become a cult.

    At least this way, we can critically look into the studies, critically, evaluate the methodology, without sensationalist headlines in news articles. Compare them ect. What kind of study is it? (Epidemiological? Randomized controlled trial?). Is it peer reviewed? Independent?

    We may have limited studies to name drop now. But more will arrive, - as is always the way with biology.

    Meanwhile, I guess we could use this thread to name drop all the studies we know of, for and against.

    What do people think?
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