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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Run_Like_Joseph_Did, Mar 7, 2019.

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    so two days ago I was talking with this girl I know and I got the idea that I wanted to ask her on a date. She said she’d be fine with. I asked if she’d be interested in meeting up in our spare time and she said yes. Later when at home I texted her a date and time that I wanted to take her out to dinner. I guess it was then that she realized what I was trying for. She said back that she wasn’t interested in a relationship at the time.

    Later on in the night after I got the message I just started crying. Balling like a child and I was ashamed of myself. I have no good reason to be sad because I got told me. Children have to learn from birth that getting told no is a part of life. Yet when a girl tells me no I bust into tears like sad excuse of a man. I’m so angry with how I behaved and I thank God that no one saw me in this miserable state. Can anyone relate?
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    I used to be like that couple years ago, but not anymore, if someone does not want to date me than fine, ill find someone who does.
  3. So why are you ashamed you cried? it happens I don't know of anyone who gets turned down and has a huge smile it sucks but you get used to it more and realize not everyone is the right fit and not everyone is going to turn you down
    stay strong
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    Well I’m ashamed cause I didn’t have a good reason to cry
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    It's not really the fact that you cried that's shameful or immature.

    It's the expectation that you're not supposed to get rejected. That everyone that you're interested in is supposed to be interested in you.

    So instead of hearing "no thanks"... you hear something like "I'm not interested and nobody ever will be".

    Your idea of how things are supposed to be is an immature fantasy to protect yourself and escape from reality (how things really are). Then when things don't go according to your fantasy, you become devastated. Instead of working with reality, you're resisting it.

    You're going to get rejected, fail, and make mistakes. Not everything works out in life. Not everyone is interested in you just as you aren't interested in everyone. There's no guarantees. Welcome to reality. It can be chaotic, messy, unideal, uncomfortable, and uncertain. You can either escape reality into a fantasy where you don't experience these things (porn / tv / film / games / daydreaming / etc) or you can go for what you want even if it might not work.
  6. It's ok to cry when noone can see you mate.
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    You’re right. Thank you for telling me what I need to hear
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    Here's a good question to ask yourself: how does calling yourself "a sad excuse of a man" help you in any way?

    I think that if you consider that question seriously enough, you'll find that it doesn't help you at all. It's a psychological barrier between yourself and your own peace of mind.

    It's okay to cry sometimes. Rejection sucks, dude. Crying is a natural response to feeling sad, and rejection can make you feel sad.

    If you ask me, real men don't hold their tears back.

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