After 276 days, I can't feel the benefits no more

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    Maybe it is only my impression, but after a big amount of days, you stop experiencing those amazing benefits.

    I remember when I was in the first months of Nofap: the benefits where there, I could feel how my life changed, like day-night. I was still on Reddit, reading those amazing success stories.

    Now, after 8 months, I am feeling lost. I can't see myself improving anymore.

    Maybe it's the summer: I stopped working on my studies, I stopped having a routine, just living by the day.

    Quarantine also killed my mood. In my house, I couldn't experience all those benefits.
    I also think the best benefits are social ones, how you interact with people during a streak, things you cannot do while at home.

    Did anyone else experience this loss of benefits, of "superpowers"?

    I also never experienced female attraction before.

    Tell me about it
  2. So you don't have a routine and are just existing and expect to feel amazing? NoFap won't bring you superpowers, it will free you of an addiction and help you actually change your life. If you're not working on growing and improving beyond NoFap, of course the benefits won't last. Try to find new hobbies or a work project.
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