After jelqing hard for 3 days and pmo for 10 years, I'm facing Erectile Dysfunction!!!PLEASE HELP ME

Balancing rebooting with studying.

  1. This is my story, i remember that i first watched porn when i was in 4th grade, i was 9 years old, I found it somewhere in a pendrive, from then i used to watch that video daily, I was having Internet connection back then but i wasn't knowing that it can be easily found in sites, so many days after watching i came to know that they were doing something called sex, then i searched on google, sex videos, then i came to know about this sites, after that i daily after coming back from school play some games and then when everyone in the house gets busy, i started to watch this kind of things, then i tried to eject the thing that men in the video used to do but i wasn't able to, but one day when i was in 5th grade when i was 10, i started to have the fluid, and i had my first orgasm, after that i daily once or twice pmo a day, I did in my classroom by tearing my pockets and putting my hands in pants and doing it in class, i did it my school bus, i did in washroom , in home,i did it everywhere. I know i was addicted then i tried to stop but i was not able to.

    But recently 2 days before i search how to increase size, then all in one it was jelqing , but then i jelq for 2 days, 30 min two times a day, but after that mine wasn't getting hard and i was felling some kind of pain i and most was i was'nt getting hard, it happened never in my life,Im worried that will i'll able to get as hard as i used to be.......tried everything can't get complelety errected to porn or any thought, and it also pain in the shaft.

    Please let me know if anything has ever happened to you, each and every support is appreciated.
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    It's not ED, due to stretching, the muscles will experience some minute damages and our body will repair them after PE, obviously lack of erection due to repairing, its normal, exactly like after sudden exercise. Keep out of overdoing PE, as you should not exert more pressure. I started PE and nofap on same time, I too felt erection quality is diminished but I'm strict in not overdoing but hitting the optimum range. Be conscious and aware, as both(PE & nofap) are not in relation, don't check whether 'yours' is working or not by giving up nofap streak, you will regret both.
  3. Thankyou bro for your reply

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