Are you excited for your future after you 'complete' nofap?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Captain K'nuckles, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Captain K'nuckles

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    Well i don't know if this is apply just for youngster like me (i am 20 years old) but i am dreaming how good will be when i leave this disgusting addiction and achieve friends and a girlfriend and even get married who knows? i think i will finally enjoy life as it was meant to be.
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  2. diddykong

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    I don't think you ever "complete" NoFap. If you want to be successful then I see it as a lifestyle choice forever. But yes, it's wonderful when you can break free and setting your sights on future goals is an important step in recovery.

    Good luck with your journey :)
  3. Hey I am Also 20.
    Yes I am quite excited to see changes
    By Pmo I am leading boring single life with no goals
    Zero confidence with girls (Even if my teacher is in her 20's or 30's I became quite uncomfortable.
    Pmo ruins life now time cut down all that stuff
  4. woo123

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    You guys are 20. So young and so much time to live an awesome life ahead of you. Just focus on your goal and take it day by day and you will achieve those things you want! I'm 34 and done more years of damage that you guys, but I have hope. Good luck!
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  5. I Free I

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    Absolutely . One Day At A Time Though, Let's live for the now , let's not get ahead too much to the future . Motivation .
  6. donjonquixote

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    Honestly I think NoFap gives you 3 things, and they are all positive yet different:

    1) You have a problem right now. Porn is taking something out of your life, your psychology, and this could be so bad to range from a little limitation over your potential to completely screwing up your life (this varies depending by the person to person, and even by time). Remove porn, and literally you can just improve your life. At the very worst (very, very, extremely unlikely) nothing will change.

    2) You have a problem right now that uses a mix of additional Escape Behaviours other than Porn. Chances are that as you quit Porn, you'll build the Will Power and especially and more importantly the tools to limit or quit altogether those other behaviours when they are made in a negative way (e.g. compulsive Gaming, Eating, Gambling, etc.)

    3) Psychological tools for fighting Porn can be used for a wider use of just tackling Dysfunctional Behaviours. For example, they can help you act more at a higher order desires (e.g. goals and higher meaning of your life) rather than lower order desires (e.g. fear, inability to take action, behaviours we don't entirely resonate with, cognitive dissonance, etc. etc.). Again, this can bring huge positive improvements to your person and, consequently, huge effects on your life.

    Combine the three effects, and what you're looking at is a Steroid-like set of skills/solutions that is likely to bring huge relative changes to your life. In particular, if you are in a very low, I don't think it's unlikely to see your life improving 1.000%-5.000%-10.000%-etc. If you are in a high, think that there's little limits to how great a life can become. Even if you just reach a 50% improvement over you actual situation (and, I think, especially if you start from a dark place, that's Extremely conservative to the point of being unlikely) you would be living 1.5 times in terms of quality of life, than your life as it is now. Think about it, if you live to 90 years, you have just earned 45 years of your life. The potential of such activity is. Just. So. Great.

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