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How often do you read books?

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  1. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Courtesy @Castielle, I found you guys! Relief is flooding my systems; You see, I tried to start a thread on books and was met with mixed...success? Anyways, I'm open to recommendations in clean, mystery books, fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, fiction fiction, yada yada- virtually, any genre, provided it isn't lewd, obviously slangs are part of life, but sometimes authors overboard like that holy terror 'The Catcher in the Rye.' - I love reading, I hate this book. Maybe your opinion is different, let me know. What are your thoughts on 1984? I like it, not as an assignment, but that one chapter tho... I'm just listing some of my favourites- some are rather kiddish, but I don't really care, so let me know if you agree, disagree, have read, have not read, interested, not so vice versa these titles (not in any significant order):

    1) Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine-realistic fiction
    2) Hatchet by Gary Paulsen-realistic fiction
    3)1984 by George Orwell alias Eric Blair-Dystopian prophesising, I say Science fiction
    4)What if? by Randall Monroe- Non-fiction, humorous
    5)The Book Thief by Markus Zusak- Historical-fiction
    6)To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee- Realistic Fiction
    7)The Hobbit by you-know who-you-know-what
    8) Any books by P.G Wodehouse- Pure humour genius
    9)Any books by Agatha Christie, Stephen King, John Green, Ishiguro etc.

    Currently reading LOTR, I know a bit late, but I'm confident that it will be in the list. Anyways, what about you guys? What are your favourite novels, genres, authors? What are you reading now?
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  2. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    The list is actually endless, but... I can't stop myself from adding 'The Subtle art of not giving a ----' by Mark Manson and I'm reading bits and pieces of 'The Wealth of Nations' by Adam Smith. I used to like the Artemis Fowl series and 'The Hunger Games' but the latter needs a little touching up- in my opinion. Okay, not a touching up but that third book's ending seems a little too grisly for me. Nothing bad about it. Just a tad grisly. Superfluous gore is what I mean. Also, I wanted to add O. Henry and Saki to my list. For a fast-paced life, short stories come in handy. Please read 'The Last Leaf' and 'The Gift of the Magi' by O. Henry and let me know your take-away...
  3. Have you read Paper Towns? That's one of my favorites.
  4. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Not yet!!! It's on my reading list tho, thanks for bumping it up in the queue. :)
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  5. Sight

    Sight Fapstronaut

    @Castielle super late reply but, well, book thread, and I might be blocking NF for a period of time and remembered I never got back to dis(sorry bout that, been a mess this year) -
    Agreed on deadlines, they can be hit or miss for sure, will always differ person to person and even within that situation to situation.

    I didn't know John Green wrote in first person, has piqued my interest a lot more as I automatically tend to often write like that. Though I don't have a solid style yet, so I end up in third person and what not as well.

    Sarah Dessen is still in my list, haven't gotten to her yet tho.
    Also I know I know, unnecessary recommendation, but check out yWriter if you feel like it, I had been having trouble with software not saving my formatting and this is a kickass Windows freeware, Mac as well I think. Lets you have separate tabs for characters, lore, scenes, chapters.
    Thought of it since I remembered you prefer writing scene wise? I hope I am not horribly wrong and thinking of someone else here...gah, never can keep this stuff straight.
    Feel free to ignore this bit, just wanted to share lol.


    @Moon Shot I just recently read the first thirty pages of Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** and yeah, its real good stuff. A lot of it I was familiar with from my meditation practices but it was real fun reading it in his particular style heehee :3
    Looking forward to reading the rest eventually.

    On Hunger Games - how different is it from the movies if you have watched those as well? I read the Divergent series and I just...kinda couldn't read Hunger Games, was enough YA for a bit there.
    No comment on the violence, Hannibal(TV show, Mads Mikkelsn) and video gaming pretty much have me desensitized to that at the moment.


    Books don't die, they simply come back in different forms or stay classy in their current forms.




    can we rename the thread
    i mean
    it would be tougher for people to find it


    like would be slightly silly, nonsensical, and a teensy bit fun

    "The Necromancer's Library"
    "A Necromancer's Guide to the Walks of Humanity"

    k no me done
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  6. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Great to hear that, @Sight. This thread really had slowed down, thank you for picking it up. I listened to the Subtle Art as an audiobook and it was gold. Really, really insightful book, IMO.

    I haven't watched everything, just parts of the movies when they show up on T.V. The movies are really good, but not like the books. It can't be. The books go in-depth into that totalitarian government that Suzanne Collins wanted to show; the movies do a good job of depicting that though, in so few hours.

    What about you? I think the Divergent series and Hunger Games are rather similar, but I still think you should read the series.
  7. Hunger games is a billion times better than Divergent, in my opinion. And the books and movies I would say are fairly similar.... I watched the movies first, and read the books later, and it didn't seem like there was that much left out. Definitely some things were changed, because certain things just aren't realistic to include without narration or in the time limit a movie provides. But in my opinion nothing all that important was left out or changed. Some things I actually like better in the movies.
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  8. Currently at Law 10 of the 33 strategies of war having a Robert Greene marathon. I've also read his other 2 books Mastery & The 48 laws of power I recommend everyone check them out I rate them 8.5/10
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  9. Isuperman

    Isuperman Fapstronaut

    Bro tell me more about this book is it self improvement book like think and grow rick or novel story type?
  10. Fightthedevil

    Fightthedevil Fapstronaut

    I just finished reading why do we do what we do and how to change by charles duhigg it's a real gem,i am so fucking much struggling with pmo from past 2 weeks and now it's time I apply what i learnt from that book in real life.It's a gem,a life changer,only if we seriously and religiously apply those principles.I recommend everyone to read,especially those On NOFAP
  11. Woodcutter74

    Woodcutter74 Fapstronaut

    Wow, we have many books in common, and authors as well.
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  12. oneaffidavit

    oneaffidavit Fapstronaut

    Few more recommendations:

    Subtle Art of not giving a f*** by Mark Manson

    I mentioned this earlier also. At that time, book did not sync well with me. Some of the concepts I read in the book somehow stuck to my mind. So, I decided to give it one more shot but with extreme open mind. I was away from spiritual stuff for long time (since Power of Now). This time, this book blew me away. It was fantastic read.

    This book's message is somewhat disguised. When I tried to understand the central theme of both books i.e. POW and this book, they synced perfectly well.

    This book preaches concepts from Zen Buddism, Bhagavath Gita & Stoicism in a subtle way.

    Models by Mark Manson

    This is a dating book but fantastic book which teaches a lot about authentic communication which is missing a lot these days.

    The concept of vulnerability/gift of truth are fantastic. Book talks about investing in our self (self-improvement) and importance of maintaining good lifestyle for our well being. It talks about diversifying our life.

    This book is fantastic because it felt very authentic and straight to the point. The advice given in the book regarding communication is timeless. It has a very powerful message.

    Willpower Instinct by Kelly Mcgonigal

    The book itself is fantastic. It was interesting read. However, it felt as if the author cherry picked the studies for the book. It was still a very interesting read.

    Main disappointment with this book - 90% of actionable advice in the book is "pause or meditate or breathe deeply"

    No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Book Title. Enough said.

    Five Love Languages. Singles Edition

    This book is an eye opener on relationships. It talks about five ways of showing/expressing love. Most of the book is filled with anecdotes.

    This book is more suited for couples. However, singles from conservative upbringing like me can also learn a lot about couples relationship.

    Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink

    This book is all about taking responsibility for everything which happens in your life. Messages given at the end of every chapter were fantastic but the stories often get boring/obscure from time to time (because most stories related to military)
  13. Sight

    Sight Fapstronaut

    @Moon Shot
    Hmm...could be interesting reading an indepth breakdown I suppose, is it organic or does the pace end up dragging?
    ...actually nvm, I am unlikely to notice as I like world-building moments in general.

    Divergent I found different from Hunger Games, though bear in mind that I have read Divergent, watched Hunger Games lol.
    If I am remembering the books right, it was less about a totalitarian government and more...protecting humanity from themselves in a manner of speaking?? A lot of the real plot comes about in the last book, and its a bit of a haze for me.
    Felt like a story of things going wrong due to people trying to make morally grey good choices, so to speak? And of course, pride/self-absorption/being an arse(from a side character) resulting in things getting screwed over horribly, horribly.
    ...I might have to re-read this or go over a summary, get the feeling I am getting this horribly wrong.

    Mmm, both were pretty fun-ish, though the MC of Hunger Games left a slightly stronger impression on me, which could just be because I watched the movie and JLaw is pretty kewl.
    Divergent's ending felt too sudden to me comparatively(at least based on the little I remember), though arguably Hunger Games could be said to have the same issue, though in the latter's case it felt slightly justified because the MC at that was basically "yeah, no, done with all this, let's skip to the end kthxbye" and of course basically has hardcore PTSD.

    Definitely read Power of Habit as well. Simple and effective book, that.

    I mean
    there is the whole write a letter to your future self in Willpower Instinct. Which can also be a good re-orienting exercise, if you feel utterly lost or need to get a new direction.
    And also just setting up your environment to maximize productivity and not sucked away elsewhere. Kinda similar to Power of Habit in that one.
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  14. Fightthedevil

    Fightthedevil Fapstronaut

    Ok so Today,I just received The Book "Holding up the universe" by "Jennifer Niven".I am just halfway in and this book is an emotional roller coaster,The character development is fabulous,Story is somewhat like fast and exciting in the middle and slow pace at sometimes.It gives the message like someone not might be the person we think they are,that we should not easily judge everyone,not unless we have walked in their shoes.We should look past the skin,the fake smiles etc.It's somewhat relatable.I am gonna start reading it right now,can't wait for the end.
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  15. Ambitious!

    One of my favorite books is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.
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  16. rafaeloey

    rafaeloey Fapstronaut

    Currently reading '12 Rules for Life' by Jordan Peterson.
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  17. Okay people, I'm back to this community and to this threat! I stopped reading for quite a bit, but I'm back now. Took "Meditations"-Marcus Aurelius and "1984"-George Orwell from library yesterday. I'm excited to read them!
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  18. corado

    corado Fapstronaut

    I've read Steve Jobs,but much more interesting I find IWOZ!
    And the nex will the The Bite in the apple :) written from first girlfirend of jobs :) din't have an Iphone ;-) or other Axx products
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  19. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Hey, Dane! Let me know what you thought of 1984, I would definitely appreciate other perspectives- happy reading!
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  20. Fightthedevil

    Fightthedevil Fapstronaut

    Finished reading holding up the universe and was extremely disappointed by the end of the story but overall I'd give it a solid 4/5,Starting read 1984 by george Orwell today,It looks promising
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