Can sissy hypno cause panic attacks?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Bandeirante, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Bandeirante

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    Hey, everybody! I am posting this here because I been having some issues lately.
    I've never had any sort of serious mental issues before, I did have low self-esteem when a teenager and still feel a bit low sometimes but never had any kind of intense anxiety or panic attacks.

    I been addicted to PMO since when I was 9 years old but It was only this last August that I found out about Sissy Hypno and ended up using this fetish to substitute another fetish.

    I've never questioned my sexuality before nor had any interested or experience with men, I've always dated girls and always felt sexually and romantically attracted to girls, though I'm still a virgin due to ED - I can only get hard with pornography...

    After watching Sissy Hypno, and becoming addicted to it, I now find myself having intrusive thoughts during the day and oftenly questioning my sexuality, I even made an account on a gay dating app to test if I would feel attracted to any of the guys there but I felt disgust and immediatly deleted the account.But I still find myself watching gay porn ( I'm avoiding Sissy Hypno because I'm really convinced that that shit os dangerous ).

    Yesterday night I felt, for the third time since I began watching Sissy Hypno, signs of a panic attacks. I started to feel dizzy, having a hard time breathing and having this obsessive thought that I'm about to pass out. Other than that, when these panic attacks come I also have Very intrusive and disturbing sexual thoughts.

    I'm Very scared about all of this bullshit because I've never felt anything like It before. Has anyone here been throught any similar experience? I don't know If I should look for sexual therapy or go to a psychiatrist, but I'm really scared right now. Sometimes I get dizzy and feel like I'm going Crazy ffs.

    Anyone here been throught It before ? Any help on How to deal with this bullshit? I'm really angry about all of this situation..
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  2. Mr.Chips

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    Hey man, I am sorry for what you are going through, I don't have much knowledge about Sissy hypnosis, I read before about it in some post here about who struggled with it but finally succeeded to get rid of this pain (in the success stories section). However, I would like to mention that as this addiction keeps progressing, the person enters a higher stage of symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety, weak memory and such. Also you should stop this hypnosis of sissy stuff, maybe you should start searching for hypnosis that will clean the brainwash of the faulty materials which are trying to get to your mind. Don't give up, believe in yourself, the stronger you are against PMO the better the results of recovery will happen. You are a straight man, do not doubt, do not rethink.
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  3. fedmom

    fedmom Fapstronaut

    You will need to increase serotonin to get over the addiction and there's a thread in my profile for how to do this. Definitely do not do anything for real as it's a fetish, not not bi-sexuality.
  4. golden-pavillion

    golden-pavillion New Fapstronaut

    It's a much better idea you explore your sexuality in other ways. I'm into men and I can tell you that you didn't download grindr simply because of porn but because you needed to connect with someone on a physical, emotional level. Sissy hypno is essentially just a bunch of flashing images with penises, asses, usually trans girls/ladyboys, sometimes crossdressers and over it you'll hear overimposed messages like: suck ****,you're a****, your purpose is to ****, set yourself free, etc. These messages are supposed to replace intimacy and give you a sense of being free, having a nonjudegemental space to explore your sexuality But it's not a real space like a bedroom in a nice guy's apartment. Instead it's you, alone in a room, watching a screen, flashing images, porn, fantasizing about the real thing.

    Chances are you are probably bisexual like 99% of people and you've discovered this part of yourself trough a very lonely and isolating medium: internet porn. I don't think this is a pandora's box you'll ever be able to close back the same way you opened it. Grindr is a good way to meet like-minded guys, make friends, etc. I've never once in my life used it for hook-ups. The whole app feels very icky at first but you'll get used to blocking weirdos and random dick-pics, especially once you find a guy with an interesting profile.

    Alternatively you just try to muster trough it, tell yourself you're a straight man and pray that the gay thoughts will go away.
    They probably won't, not the same way they came trough, at least. I think it's better you explore your desires and fantasies with a a guy you fancy, trust and are able to feel intimate with rather than repress all of it, keep watching sissy porn and end up like on of those 40 yo sissy husbands that cheat behind the back of their wives.

    ''Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.''
  5. Bandeirante

    Bandeirante Fapstronaut

    Idk If that is the case. This whole thing is alien to me, I never had any curiosity in men before, nothing.

    And btw the other fetish that I had before coming across Sissy Hypno left me in a similar way - It was a paraphilia - and It would also make me question my sexuality, put me in situations where I would teste myself to see if I would be into it in real life or if it was just porn, I had intrusive thoughts. I didn't have panic attacks, but I did have a bunch of nightmares about it and, since I watched Sissy bullshit, It Just never crossed my mind again. The old fetish is pretty much non-existant at this point.

    Saying that 99% of people are bisexual doesn't add credibility to your post neither.
  6. Bandeirante

    Bandeirante Fapstronaut

    Sorry, I forgot to quote you in my comment above
  7. Bandeirante

    Bandeirante Fapstronaut

    I saw your post, but I don't think ir would be helpful to me...
    I don't even think I can do it in real life, I get turned on by it while watching porn but I start having issues to breathe Just by the thought of doing It in real life.

    I am actually feeling anxious at this very moment btw
  8. Bandeirante

    Bandeirante Fapstronaut

    Thank you! I'm truly considering visiting a sexologist or something.
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  9. fedmom

    fedmom Fapstronaut

    It doesn't have to be done with that method although if you try it and notice it feels stressful it will probably increase serotonin more than taking supplements, I must try some to see. It's only low serotonin that causes you to be turned on by it.
  10. Bandeirante

    Bandeirante Fapstronaut

    Last night I bought a supplement to increase serotonin production, I do feel it calms me down when I start feeling anxious.

    I PMOed last night, will try not to do it again today. I developed the habit to pmo every night before sleeping and have been doing it for years, I even had nights where I was Very asleep or wasn't horny at all but I had the urge to just PMO because it has become just as natural as brushing my teeth before sleeping.
  11. Zamyou

    Zamyou Fapstronaut

    No wonder you have panic attacks, your brain is trying to protect you by telling ”wtf dude you are going into stuff outside your core sexuality”.. that triggers HOCD / TOCD in so many ppl especially porn addicts...
    Bisexual or not, thats irrelevant to think about bcause everyone has had one or more same sex thought... i suspect like myself your core is straight and male but this exploration lead your mind into this mode.. its not gonna kill you and wont last forever, you just think it does...
    Ive had a ton of sissy themed fantasies ill never act upon but im pretty chill about it, it used to cause a lot of panic and OCD.. now i realise its ok and normal and wont affect my day to day life.. just chill, stay off P and continue with your life!
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  12. Bandeirante

    Bandeirante Fapstronaut

    I also believe these panic attacks are a way my mind uses to send me the message that I may be doing something very wrong to it. Just like I used to get nightmares when I was addicted into the other fetish ( every since I found Hypno P, I never had those nightmares again).

    But I'm taking a serotonin supplement and I didn't PMO last night, I'm feeling a bit better, but still having some intrusive thoughts and had a small anxiety rush during a business meeting this Morning but I was able to take a deeo breath and calm myself.

    I don't know If I should look for some hypnosis to revert the sissy bs. Some become the Alpha Male hypnosis in Youtube. Idk
  13. TheSmokeCriminal

    TheSmokeCriminal Fapstronaut

    Have you heard of Hocd, thats 99% what u got, dont listen to gay people cuz they want convince other people about being gay/bi so they could feel better about themselves, just google about hocd I BET U HAVE IT!
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  14. TheSmokeCriminal

    TheSmokeCriminal Fapstronaut

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  15. TheSmokeCriminal

    TheSmokeCriminal Fapstronaut

    If he was be, he wouldn't regret it, lol, he would enjoy this shit
  16. John Eses

    John Eses Fapstronaut

    It's a shame there are trolls here, but I suppose that's the case with all forums. This is NoFap's forum. As someone who got into sissy porn, I'll tell you that when you are deep in addiction, your brain will convince you of all sorts of things, just so it gets the next dopamine hit. If before porn, you didn't like guys, then anything you're feeling now is brainwashing and not some "hidden" sexuality that you didn't know about.

    It's also quite possible that the panic attack is related to your porn use, either directly or indirectly.

    The best advice is always the simplest. Stop using porn and see how you go. Give it at least 90 days...
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  17. TheSmokeCriminal

    TheSmokeCriminal Fapstronaut

    I fully agree with you, reboot will change ur life!
  18. fedmom

    fedmom Fapstronaut

    Lol I just noticed I said the same thing already on this thread.
  19. Roady

    Roady Fapstronaut

    Hi man,
    I feel with you because I was trapped into the lies of that sissy stuff too.
    Yes It makes a mess of our inner life, our belueve system and our identity.
    Ift's very dark stuff so it don't surprises me that it creates lot of fears while/after watching.

    There is one solution. Stop feeding that black dog and feed the white dog instead.

    I' ve grown out of the pull os sissy porn, so you can do the same.
    It's possible. Check out my journal as I wrote some stuff about ut. Understanding what's going on always gives peace.
  20. Iron Will

    Iron Will Fapstronaut

    Don’t watch any kind of alpha male hypnosis or anti sissy hypnosis. They’re just traps designed to trick you into watching sissy hypno again because that’s what they are sissy hypno disguised as anti sissy videos. Don’t listen to any of the people that tell you you’re gay or bi or “HOCD” or any sexologist/psychologist. These people can never understand what it is without experiencing it personally first hand. Sissy hypno is designed specifically to traumatise men and program to become transgender against their will. It uses the same illegal method for gay “conversion therapy” to turn straight men into gay men that think they are women through these extremely addictive videos designed to rewire your brain for addiction, creating a fetish for feminisation and imaging yourself as a woman. The end result of all this is you’ll be traumatised for life and if you let the addiction win you’ll end up what they call shemales a dude with tits and feminised body if the sissy hypno hasn’t convinced you to cut off your balls and you won’t be able to shit or have kids or even have an orgasm anymore because your balls are cut off and you’ll be shooting up drugs in an extremely dark place because even sissy hypno won’t be enough to turn you on and then you’ll want to commit suicide. Start your reboot today no PMO it’s the only way you will be able to free yourself from this and get rid of the addiction. Stop watching sissy hypno. If you’re not aware they put subliminal messages that tell you to kill yourself in sissy hypnos. This shit is real and no joke it is designed to get you to destroy yourself and ruin your life so much that you’ll want to kill yourself. You’re at the beginning stage of being addicted like I was before 2.4 years ago before I decided I quit this year. Don’t let these scumbag pieces of shit kill you like it almost did me. I almost died from sissy hypno. Quit now!

    The only real anti sissy video is called Porn Breaker: Sissy Hypnosis Removal on Youtube. It’s the one with the waterfall. Watch it you’ll notice a difference immediately. All of that sissy garbage affirmations that flashing text and captions/images that appear only for 0.01 seconds as well as the multiple voices with binaural/isochronic beats designed to put you into trance in the videos is going directly in your subconscious and is directly influencing your thoughts and behaviour without you even realising it because it bypasses the conscious mind which is the critical thinking and rational part of your brain and goes into your subconscious which is the limbic system the feeling/emotional part of your brain which is no wonder why you might suddenly “feel like a woman” because it’s going directly into your subconscious.

    This video will remove these sissy affirmations from your subconscious. Don’t be surprised you feel completely different afterwards and can think clearly again because the sissy affirmations also include IQ reducing affirmations. You’ll feel like you again.

    Basically if you don’t want to die you have to stop now because this is nothing but a total downward spiral. It may seem nice and cool because that is what it is trying to appear as, in reality it is pure filth and poison. The more you watch it the more you fry your dopamine receptors the more and more extreme sissy hypno you will end up watching until finally only drugs will be enough to get you off until that even that won’t be enough until you’ll want to kill yourself.
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