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Feel Good Cool Worship or Hymns and Hard Seats?

  1. Feel Good Cool Worship?

  2. Hymns and Hard Seats?

  3. I don't even care!

  1. The baby is obviously mean to depict Pope Leo X.
  2. Peter of Venkman is oddly similar to to St. Spackler! Conspiracy!

    I think I just found my new profile avatar, lol
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  3. Gotta love those Dominicans. The poverty really comes through in their expressions.
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  4. Yeah they really got that going for them.
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  5. Patron saint of gophers and shacks.
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  6. And groundskeepers!
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  7. _Catholic_

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    Correct St Peter Venkman was honored for defending a church from Gozer but since he this church was built by catholic architects in reality it was all part of the plan because Catholics can't build churches right because there pagans
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    Ah is that a Duhrer
  9. PJT

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    They are all amalgamations of the same thing; which are Noah's elder sons and their early family. They bastardized the teachings of the Most High and made it about themselves. Gender fluidity is a real thing being pushed down our throats right now. They literally have transgendered females fighting real females and breaking their skulls for example. This society lol is going to sh*t this is the modern day babylon.
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    Gozer is coming soon but I know just the right people to call to fix the problem
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  11. "We're ready to believe you"
  12. vxlccm

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    @Mr. McMarty this is one of the serious issues with modern religions, is it not? Many people in media saying this same sort of thing.

    It comes down to whether or not God uses prophets and revelations. They are omnipresent in scripture, so why not assume it is possible in modern times as well as since the times of old? And, how many times in the Old Testament did the Hebrews or Jews revile against prophets? The great wickedness of Sodom was small in comparison to much of the world in our day. They break the laws, ignore the ordinances, and continue willfully in sin. Hopefully, some will return as Nineveh. I do believe in a currently called and anointed prophet, for the record.

    The modern meme is the same as the ancient stonings.
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  13. My guess is your not Catholic?

    For the purpose of man’s redemption and His own glory, God has committed that which He had in times past revealed through theophanies, dreams, and prophets “wholly unto writing: which maketh the Holy Scripture to be most necessary; those former ways of God’s revealing his will unto his people being now ceased.” God’s special revelation, therefore, is now found in its permanent form in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.
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  14. vxlccm

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    You're talking about a statement by a man or men which then seeks to close scripture. The scripture itself does not validate this perspective even one tiny bit. The canon has always remained OPEN. After Moses, after Daniel, after Jesus, and certainly even today.

    And, yes, this is the nub of the issue I was pointing at. The idea such a statement could even be true is false. Of course our God still communicates with humans. Of course the Father still draws all men unto him, as described in scripture. Of course God can still choose to provide inspiration for written words and spoken words and dreams and any other form of inspiration. None of those has ceased.

    God is not a changeable being. God has not changed communications with men. A prophet arising in the latter days need not always be a false prophet, though many false ones were already prophesied to arise. The fact that many are said to believe on false prophets, and that we Christians are to beware the wolves, is because we are to look for the good prophets. For the good revelations, for good inspirations, for good gifts and miracles, which still all very well exist now as in times past.

    Thinking conversely briefly, what about evil spirits? Do they still plague mankind? Of course! And, if one can allow for that truth, we must also assume the ministration of good angels as well. Believe in good messengers and good messages which do still exist. Otherwise, we doom ourselves to sojourn in darkness, indeed.
  15. I got you figured out now Brother! I joined the other group your in to learn more about you Hahaha! Im so sneeky. Now I understand you better and Know where your comming from!! Yes calvinist do believe god only communicates in scripture now, no profits. I got respect for you though.
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  16. This is the Catholic arguement against Sola Scriptura in a nutshell. I mean not a real would have to be a big nutshell or very small writing on very small paper....actually this statement could fit in a nutshell.

    I agree with this. Catholics share more in common with a living continuing revelation style faith like you describe, then with Calvinists. Mystic revelation to saints, Eucharistic miracles, Marian apparitions like Fatima or Lourdes, healing waters...God works in the real world and continues to reveal things. All these things can exist in tradition and supporting materials to scripture. "Test all things..." you know the verse.
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    @Mr. McMarty
    Yep - you found me. Hiding in plain sight? And, the LDS group isn't closed, bro. You can read and maybe even post w/o joining. Good to have you! It's not a debate group, and it's also not mine in terms of I'm kinda too inactive there at times :)
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    @Max Fisher
    Another verse I like is about what it takes to hope all things, believe all things, endure all things. You know the verses :)

    It's actually super fun to be a believer. It takes an open mind and heart. Funny that some people call Christians closed-minded when I find the exact opposite to be true. We have ears to hear and hearts to feel.
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  19. Yes thank you, I wont debate. my Grandfather was LDS and I have had some friends as well. You know your LDS friends can crash our group any time. I want to thank you for helping to make the P group a sucess!
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