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  1. hello guys,
    new fapstronaut here. if i’m being honest i’ve been on here a lot of times. I wasn’t really feeling at peace before, a lot of things was on my plate but they’re getting down the drain little by little.
    so, the basic reason i’m here is to cure my porn & masturbation issue. I can’t it an addiction no more cause it’s way above that level. i’m a very young guy, in my 20’s and I want to start living a life i’m proud of. right now, they’re a lot of things that need to be discarded and all those things start with me deciding that I want a better life for myself. a life full of confidence, potential & capability.
    I know from my experience that it’ll take a long while for these vices to leave my life and i’m ready and willing to pray the price to get over this. it’ll also be lovely to meet people in my age range here so we’ll get to know ourselves and relate more on the issues we have here.
    thank you so much & cheers to coming out on top in future.
  2. Oliver Gunter

    Oliver Gunter Fapstronaut

    Welcome to the community! Good to hear you are ready to start a reboot! Go for 90 days, it will change your life.
  3. Hi Cliffachamp,

    Great post and great intentions. Love your goals and ambitions. It's so important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and then to go for it hell for leather, as they say, and it's nice to read you have some idea of what you want to achieve and where you want to go.

    Keep posting and keep educating yourself as much as you can about this problem!

    All the best
  4. i’d try it starting tomorrow. thank you
  5. do you love to read books? if so, what are your best recommends?
  6. I read alot of spiritual advancement and development, psychological and addiction recovery books actually. I'm studying psychology, so it's agiven really.
  7. must be nice though knowing so much about the spiritual & the mental
  8. What a cool thing to say/ask. In all my years of being me and thinking about life in the way I do (in my own personal unique way), never has anyone asked or considered anything as interesting, or cool, as what you have.

    You know, it is nice knowing what I know about the spiritual and mental. I don't know much, but I like waht I do know and I like that I'm inspired by learning more about me, this problem, and 'US' as people learning to overcome our problems in all the crazy and amazing ways all that unfolds.

    So yeah, it's kind of nice, as you say.

    So how are things going for you?

    What are you doing to 'live the life you want', as you say?
  9. right now, i’m about to try different things and see what i’m good at. then i’m making a plan to go in full course after I graduate from university next year cause that’s when my life will really start.
  10. Let us know more as you progress...please!

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