Confused About The Meaning Of A Reboot

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by RockSolid, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. RockSolid

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    Everyone says that a reboot means that you've beaten the addiction and your brain is healed, and members with over a year of nofap say that they still get urges.
    But i think that the brain isn't healed and the addiction is not beaten if urges still occur.
    I joined NoFap because i want to get rid of addiction which means i want to get rid of urges. So what's the point of doing nofap if urges will still bother me even after a year of no porn and masturbation?
  2. Mark_Renton

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    I'm no expert but I think its similar to being an alcoholic, you still may want to drink all the time, but if you've recovered, you've developed the tools to resist it.

    I think the reboot isn't to get rid of urges, that isn't really under our control what our mind decided to throw up into our conscious. What's important is what we do with these urges.

    Reboot helps you gain control over your urges and addiction.
    Not being able to stop is what makes it an addiction. The goal was never to get rid of urges, I believe. The goal is to combat the addiction. Rebooting makes that much much easier.
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  3. flame0

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    Good job on beginning well!
    I would say that not PMing means the addiction is broken, not the lack of urges. Unfortunately, we have opened a door, and we cannot go back in time and unopen it. We can close the door, and even lock it, but I expect that we will hear knocks on that door from time to time for the rest of our lives.
    Urges will decrease. Part of the struggle is that the natural sex drive and natural sex urges are not associated with the desire to PM. As time goes on, urges will decrease. But the goal is to resist and avoid urges, to place ourselves in a position where we cannot and will not give in to urges.

    Everyone has their own goals. Mine is to not PM regardless of what urges I may or may not feel.
    Elimination of all urges forever is probably not a realistic goal unless you have a very very long term view.
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  4. RockSolid

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    I reached out to a fapstronaut with over 500 days of no PM and he said that he doesn't get urges anymore and he feels disgusted when he even thinks about it.
  5. Agreed. I think addiction to drugs or porn is perpetual to resist for all eternity(because they are part of your body) but rebooting or rewiring your brain will only help you until you stop having urges but it's a slow process and it would take more than just will power which is a technical term if you are trying to resist for it keeps sake over. Therefore from PMO should affect your mentality in the long run. Still keeping count of days is necessary to keep track of your developments.
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  6. Psalm27:1my light

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    Everyone will be different, level of addiction, how long you’ve been addicted, you’re general lifestyle. Many relapse after more than a year sober. You will have urges. They may be less, but I doubt if they will ever be entirely gone. I wish they would and I wish I could believe they would, but it’s so intertwined with sex and you will have sexual urges all your life, that I think it’s highly unlikely that you will never again have urges.
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