Day 30. Girls are starting to look interesting.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by pcmaster, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    So its day 30 for me without PMO. During this time something changed in me, I became stronger, I became tuffer, I became man.

    Not only I felt more energy during this celibate time but also every aspect of me improved. My DNA became better overal.

    I could list long list of improvements but
    + more energy
    + higher confidence
    + better looks
    + faster clearer thinking
    + better shape - helps muscles to be bigger and more toned
    + more streght
    + better memory
    + easier relationships
    + more attention from guys and girls
    I could go on but you got the point.

    Anyway these 30 days been relatively easy for me cause I did it from first try. I been doing 90 and 100+ days on my own before knew about nofab. Even A year without PMO(was like 11 years old back then).

    But whats really about these 30 days that I did it summer - the time when its hardest not to fap cause temperatures are higher and hormone levels too. Also what made it harder that Im not in relationship and basicaly single - before I ussualy slipped and did PMO when I wasnt dating any girls. I wanted to learn not to fap while single and this site helped a lot. I have even bookmarket most useful information I found on here. -

    This is about scientific explanation how brain works and what in it leads to M.

    Also topic "in case you didnt know" been very useful -
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  2. Aloha

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    awesome bro, keep going
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  3. The Peace Warrior

    The Peace Warrior Fapstronaut

    Good job bud.
    Keep going.
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  4. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Thanks for support guys. I keep going on.

    Day 40 ! Urges felt stronger and harder to resist but I think its normal during second month. After that it should be easier. If urges will be really strong then I will go for long walks and short cold showers. But walks helps better I think if they are like 2 hours long.
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  5. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Well I just look better, my face is more beautiful. Its like nature makes you better looking to be more attractive to females so you will have better chance to get laid. Also in better shape cause, digestion have improved and started to train too. Thats where sexual energy goes. Also my legs are fuller and bigger. After jerking of I often felt no strenght in legs. Its like energy from legs been jerked out. And yeah my hair looks better. Could be because it depends on vitamins and sperm mostly consist of vitamins and minerals and protein. So been saving that up inside and it goes to my hair instead.
  6. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    60 days into my streak. Same benefits as before only everything is more altered. I look younger and cuter and more beautiful now.

    The cool thing that I was on a date not so long ago and this time I wasnt shy like on previous first dates with other girls. This time I was actually feeling pretty confident and date sucked less than any other first date in past year. So yeah - talking and meeting girls becomes easier.

    On the downside - almost had a wet dream few days ago -

    Anyway my internet friends havent been supportive for my no PMO journey. One even said its healthy and good to masturbate.
    Still I found a lot support here on nofap so it really helps. I fell like Im doing the right thing.

    This is only beggining of my journey. Not even half way where I want to be. Let it be beggining of new better version of me. "Be how you wanna to be"(quote of my first Banadie fitness center in UK )
    Next big goal is to survive till 90 days without wet dreams.
  7. pranav02

    pranav02 Fapstronaut

    Did you edge to some extent or not at all?
  8. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    I did not edge as it counts as fail if you read topic I mentioned in first post -"In case you didnt know" But before I knew about nofap I used to edge and think that it dont count as M and it made it easier and urges go away. But now I know that edging is M cause with or without orgasm M is M.

    First 40 days was hard not to touch D but now Im used not to touch D. Also never touched longer than 1-3 seconds. Now touching D only when washing it but also no longer than few seconds - only time necessary to wash it.
    I really think that "In case you didnt know" topic have helped to set my mind straight and clear about not fapping.I always been fan of staying away from sex and M but never had much support or knew about like minded people. Now here a lot of people think like me and know much more than me so its easy to stay away from PMO.

    My longterm goal here is 500+ days or find a real good girlfriend before reaching 500+ days.
  9. Supermarron

    Supermarron Fapstronaut

    keep up the good work man!
  10. nofepper

    nofepper Fapstronaut

    nice job, keep going
  11. Pmo is in the past

    Pmo is in the past Fapstronaut

  12. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    One more day without PMO.

    So today I visited dating site and tinder. Was looking for a girls since Im bored and friends seem busy. Messaged one girl online and asked what is she doing in this hot day and what are her plans for tonite. I would be ready to meet her right tonite, despite that we never chatted before and I dont know her at all. Just last year I wouldnt even be ready with girl who I seen before and been exchanged over thousands of messages in last weeks. So thats how I changed - became faster, braver and more confident, ready to go into unknown and face the destiny.

    Also This week I made more money in week than been making in my job in a month. And Im still not satisfied cause see that much more could have been made. Also Im playing with a Big Dogs - guy who made almost my two year salary in one hour, few days ago, been giving me advices in this. So yeah seems like no PMO also gave me energy to attract more money too.

    Only downside is that I cant tell girls that Im doing this no PMO thing since few days ago girl from tinder(we been chatting on FB) asked are Im sexually active and I said - Yeah very, its been 70 days since last orgasm and it will be 90 days after 20 days, full reboot and Im planning to do a year unless find end up in real relationship.- Afer that she stopped to respond my messages.
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  13. PicNick

    PicNick Fapstronaut

    If you responded with those details to a girl who asked you if you're sexually active, I really admire your PMO abstinence. Cheers! You deserve an applause.:emoji_clap:
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  14. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Yeah I know it was stupid but I wanted to experiment and see what happens when I say truth. Guess she only wanted sex if she disappeared afterwards truth. Still I believe there are camel girls out there for me - the ones that can go without sex for months.

    While big day count build value here on nofap and Im grateful for all the support, still with sexualy active people out there it seems like it dont give any value.
  15. PicNick

    PicNick Fapstronaut

    Not at all stupid. It just shows serious commitment to long term benefits of being off PMO and strength of sheer will-power than to give in to an orgasmic night, that may or may not run into PMO series.

    Tons, I am sure. The complaint is usually the other way around from girls or about their not wanting to have more sex.

    Lets stay committed, lets stay strong. Let not others outside the fold ruin our values.

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  16. Moonshine91

    Moonshine91 Fapstronaut

    And you really haven't been masturbating any single time during that period?
    What do you do when you see a pretty woman? Ignore? Turn around? Or, maybe, you try to teach your brain that SHE is a true sexual object, not porn from the Internet?
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  17. This is crazy to notice the differences between my experience of 30 days and yours. This is black and white.
    I m almost sure there is a huge placebo part.
    But anyway, the most important are the results. And yours are absolutely great.
  18. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Been matured after reading that In case you didnt know topic. Sometimes had urges but I have bigger porpoise and goals. When I feel urges I go to nofap. I find that most part of nofap forum is demotivating so I read mostly success stories. So yeah havent been M ing or even edging during this streak. No P subs too. Safest way is stay mile away that makes you think or feel naughty. Its all abou what you let in your brains. FB is dangerous - girls pictures so safer would be not use pc at all. Then again there are beach and other places where you can see booty so never look longer than one second. Now my body is in sleep mode(flatline) so Im like sleeping beauty that needs to be waken up with a kiss.
    This is how it feels when you take your life back
    This is how it feels when you finally fight back
    When life pushes me I push harder
    What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

    Skillet - "Not Gonna Die"
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  19. HopeFaith

    HopeFaith Fapstronaut

    I like the fact u are experimenting with saying the truth. Experiment some more with it. If u put a false face out to the universe, u will attract people responding to that false image of urs. However if u put out ur real face out there, you would attract soulmates you never have to lie or pretend infront of again. Just imagine being in a relationship where u can be 100% truthful about yourself and your struggles! What a blessing that would be.
    Try telling girls u are stopping MO first and offer explanation about it and its benefits. If they take it well and are able to discuss their sexuality with you then mention porn. Maybe they do not know that just about every man on the planet uses Porn and to meet one who actualy does not, and who does not MO is the best thing that could happen to a girl. It is like finding a diamond in amongs of coal. So do not be scared to shine ur real light, u are doing something truly amaising. People do not understand those things so let the ones who want to go .... go. They would have gone away anyway, regardless if u have told them or not and better sooner than after waisting 5 years of ur life.

    Find the people who love truth and not the ones who prefer nicely wrapped lies. They exist.
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  20. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Think you are right mate. Attracting right girls with truth. In my case scaring wrong girls away with truth.
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