DDOS attacks and You: A simple guide

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Alexander, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Why couldn't I access the site between 1 am - 9 am Eastern?

    NoFap was targeted with a DDOS attack.

    What is a DDOS attack?

    "A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic. DDoS attacks achieve effectiveness by utilizing multiple compromised computer systems as sources of attack traffic. Exploited machines can include computers and other networked resources such as IoT devices. From a high level, a DDoS attack is like a traffic jam clogging up with highway, preventing regular traffic from arriving at its desired destination.

    A DDoS attack requires an attacker to gain control of a network of online machines in order to carry out an attack. Computers and other machines (such as IoT devices) are infected with malware, turning each one into a bot (or zombie). The attacker then has remote control over the group of bots, which is called a botnet.

    Once a botnet has been established, the attacker is able to direct the machines by sending updated instructions to each bot via a method of remote control. When the IP address of a victim is targeted by the botnet, each bot will respond by sending requests to the target, potentially causing the targeted server or network to overflow capacity, resulting in a denial-of-service to normal traffic. Because each bot is a legitimate Internet device, separating the attack traffic from normal traffic can be difficult."

    - Read this page from Cloudflare.

    Why do I have a weird 5-second loading screen to access the site now?

    As part of the counter-measures, we're using this tool to help to differentiate between legitimate traffic and bot traffic. It's annoying but needed to keep the site online during DDOS attacks.

    How can I help?

    Don't refresh the website over and over if it isn't loading which just makes the problem worse.
  2. hardowner

    hardowner Fapstronaut

    These porn addicts have gone too far. Let's hope they will become members here sometime, admit it, apologise and compensate the damage cost...
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  3. Whirlygig

    Whirlygig Fapstronaut

    Who on earth would have something against NoFap? Do people also attack AA sites?
  4. hardowner

    hardowner Fapstronaut

    It's sad you don't undrstand that I referred to the porn addicts that organised the attack. Let's make it clear then: By saying "these porn addicts", the target group wasn't the members of this community. The target group was the porn addicts that caused the problem.
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  5. Sinbad

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    Probably someone who got banned.
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  6. Tunsta

    Tunsta Fapstronaut

    It doesn't matter if their porn addicts or not, it's the fact that someone attacked a forum dedicated to people recovering from a real issue, which is porn/masturbation addiction, so stop bickering at each other.
  7. zig

    zig Fapstronaut

    I've seen a fair bit of arguing/animosity on this forum lately and I think this is a good reminder that we're all brothers and sisters fighting a very real and toxic thing together.
  8. Lakeside

    Lakeside Fapstronaut

    Can I just say that the day counter badge update page isn't working for me .... is this at all connected?
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  9. Nomar

    Nomar Fapstronaut

    That’s so messed up. The porn industry doesn’t like nofap spreading truth and hurting their $$$
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  10. The Legend of Hope

    The Legend of Hope Fapstronaut

    Screw it. I don't want to argue about such things anymore.
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  11. QuittingPMOforever

    QuittingPMOforever Fapstronaut

    In reality it is just some page somewhere on internet, It doesnt make sence to even identify with your profile, so why would anyone be bothered by that they are banned xD
  12. PeterJL

    PeterJL Fapstronaut

    Welcome back!
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  13. MLMVSS

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    It’s entirely possible to have a DDOS attack without an agenda behind it... Trolls exist.
  14. QuittingPMOforever

    QuittingPMOforever Fapstronaut

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  15. letter

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    My Journal
    Whatever source the attack came from is not so important as the reminder it bears: NoFap has enemies & our support is important.

    So let’s take this reminder in a way where it will strengthen our resolve to stand together.
  16. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    Stay strong and be patient u helped tons of people and will help tons of others. God bless you
  17. GaryMayor

    GaryMayor Fapstronaut

    Thank you for quick reaction and making forum available again! You're doing a good job!
  18. Roady

    Roady Fapstronaut

    In no time an off topic discussion is going on. Surprisingly.

    Why not give @Alexander some gratefulness for his efforts to keep this website online?
    Maybe this is a good moment to make a donation, if you haven't already done that?
  19. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    Amazing that a multi-billion dollar industry sees this site as an actual threat.
    "If they're shooting at you, you know you're doing something right" (from The West Wing)
  20. Roady

    Roady Fapstronaut

    Is it already known who did it?
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