Defeating with lust attacks

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    We're all familiar with the every day triggers, but this strategy is specifically a way to fight off luat attacks. In my experience, these show up maybe once in a month on hard mode, and may even continue for a few days. Seemingly I was doing great and then, a whole nother breed of of lasting just comes out of nowhere.
    And I might've been fine all day, but right when I go to bed, when I really do need to sleep, one of these attacks happens. You should not allow lust to hold your beauty rest hostage, but should go to sleep according to your schedule.

    Thus, I needed a method to overcome these when I need to sleep. I've tried it twice so far and it's almost instantly stopped the attack, so I hope it can help someone else here too.

    Sorry for the long intro, but here's the method: I simply thought of a specific game environment that's burnt into my memory, is mentally, but lacks any kind of sexual content. For me, the PC classic, Myst works great.
    So as soon as I feel an attack approaching and I need to sleep, I simply teleport myself into the starting position in Myst, and imagine myself to walk around and look at the scenery. I think what's happening is, the brain is suddenly so busy trying to reconstruct that complex environment for you that it just vetoes the lust attack for you.

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