Do you reset your counter if you see an attractive female on tv or in a movie??

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Feelslikezoom23

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    I think its about how you look at the woman, not whether you are looking at them..

    Just appreciate the beauty, and control those lustful thoughts.

    Women are beautiful, just appreciate it...
  2. Maybe not never, but maybe not for a while. You have to decide.

    I don;t use IG or any other social media that is only about photos. Too much junk. You will need to decide for yourself what is helpful to you in recovery, and what is harmful.
  3. skaterdrew

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    Thanks. I suppose deep down I'm going to know if I am looking at something for a sexual thrill or not.

    It's just on a dating site you need to look at images of women to find someone your attracted to and want to talk to.
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    I went to the cinema today.
    Day 11 and up until now I've been avoiding any images of beautiful women.
    I was drawn in by the beautiful lead actress.
    In a moment I made a mental note to look for sexy images and scenes of her on my computer when I got home.
    Then my superego (or my rational self) shouted NO! STOP!

    The desire to browse for sexy material had come on so automatically.
    I know I'm not going to avoid images of beautiful women in the future.
    It's stopping myself going from seeing an image to searching for images and clips.
    Which was tied into my porn addiction behavior.
    I would discover girls and horde them.

    I would scan the thumbnails on porn sites until I found a woman that interested me.
    Then I would search for other examples of her work.
    If I liked her I would start collecting and open up a folder of her on my PC.
    I would try to find clips that I would PMO to and save in her folder.
    So hoarding was another dimension to my addiction.
  5. bluemax4

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    No, you can't avoid seeing attractive women. If you're going to watch TV or a movie, I'd recommend avoiding 18+ movies during a reboot. Don't tempt yourself is the best way forward.
  6. onceaking

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    It's up to you. For me, if it isn't porn or masturbating to sexy photos it's not a relapse.
  7. romeolima

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    This sums it up for me. You cannot avoid images of attractive women, they are all around us not just in movies and on TV but in real life.

    Two of my habits with porn have been related to this though, one was taking a scene or image I'd seen and looking up porn on that theme. For example I once drove past a redhead girl in a red dress, as soon as I got home I was searching for redheads in red dresses. Likewise I watched a documentary on porn, and my first reaction was to look up movies featuring the actress being interviewed.

    I hope to get to a point where I don't immediately think of these things when I see an attractive woman, I hope this is one of the outcomes of my journey, but just a thought is not a reset, the reset would be direct action.
  8. Uncomfortably Numb

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    Is it P? No
    Are you M? No
    To O? No

    The answer is therefore NO
  9. No. If seeing an attractive woman would cause us to reset our counters, I doubt most people would make it past a couple of days unless they live deep in the woods and interact with no one and have no media. In fact I’d have to quit my job to avoid it lol.

    It’s all about controlling one’s thoughts. Women are beautiful. I can appreciate that and not start undressing them in my mind or thinking of sexual things to do each time I see one. If one does that, then there are other problems to address.
  10. Nekkhamma

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    I’d say no.

    But, we do need to be careful. At times I’m able to watch Netflix series or certain movies that have sex scenes and it’s no big deal. But this kind of behavior can add up if I push it and rewatch episodes that had stimulating sex scenes or seek out things on social media that are likely to be triggering. So I need to watch my mind and my motivations. And, as long as I don’t get pulled into edging or looking at lots of images or sexy scenes for more than a brief time, I give myself a break.

    For example, I recently was scrolling on FB and was hoping in the back of my mind to come across some racy images. I did and was looking at them for maybe 10-20 seconds and thought,”Nope, gonna go on nofap instead.” I’d call that progress, not a reset or relapse.

    Another time I started looking at images of a female athlete and was scrolling for a few minutes. This is getting into edging territory. But, I started to get that hot, uncomfortable feeling that this was going to escalate. I stopped myself and went on to nofap. This was getting closer, but I still wouldn’t count it as a reset or relapse. If I get that feeling that I’m doing something wrong, then ignore that feeling and continue, that’s where I would reset. But, there’s also no hard and fast rules, and we can’t be too militaristic and hard about this either. We need to be able to give ourselves a break and pat ourselves on the back. Balance seems to be the key. Good luck my friend!
  11. Avenging Marmoset

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    I wouldn't even bother. Some seeing of attractive women in media is going to be unavoidable unless you want to stick your head in the sand for the rest of your life. Watching a movie that you know is going to have a lot of sexual content or that you know has a starlet in it who you find attractive would be another thing, but I think you know that's a different matter.
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  13. No that's not how it works. Nowadays NSFW material is everywhere, even out in public. It's becoming a part of life and it's your call not to act on your urges.

    You only reset your counter if you masturbate to orgasm using pornography. Unless you plan not to masturbate at all. Then as long as you don't, your counter is fine. (Also I don't think this needs to be said but no intentionally viewing NSFW material)
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  14. Never; That's way too harsh on yourself, and isn't a relapse.
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  15. Well said!!
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  16. zakes

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    Conciously serving for it, then yes you relapsed.

    If not then no, as we not living in a vacuum, these triggers and counter revolutionary images will be prelavent

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