Does this break the streak?

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    Hi, I have an unhealthy addiction to porn, and I took it upon myself that I won’t masturbate for 30 days. I have not had an MO in 7 days, tho I have had a wet dream yesterday. Also, I have been sexting with random people online without touching myself, and once I edged myself without O. My question is, have I broken the streak? Can I MO without P if my only goal is to never watch P again? What should I do?
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  2. I don't think anyone can give you a solid answer whether MO is good for you or not. Since we all have different opinions about it. The whole point of doing no pmo is free yourself from being a slave to dopamine rush. So your brain can recover. What I will suggest is, quit both porn and masturbation for a period. And see how you feel about it. Masturbation drains your energy. Making you weak on every aspect in yourself.

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