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    Wow. Yeah. I've heard of Asimov.

    It's what I learned as a mechanic...so much of the job was learning how to solve problems. No one can teach that, you know? It's the heart of a mechanic, to take a wrench and dive into whatever mess they have in front of them and never give up until the car is fixed and purring like a happy little kitten again.

    No one can teach you that, you learn it and grow it by taking up your proverbial wrench as you tackle whatever life will throw at you.

    So, thanks for sharing that. It's really encouraging to know that a great & renowned thinker like Asimov had this same thought. Thank you so much for passing that along to me.


    fact-about-letter: He loves this song, even more so now.

    Ampacity - Asimov's Sideburns
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    I am growing out my natty dreads but im mexican so everybody thinks im mix black n white

    My feet stopped stinking a year agi no matter how much they sweat how long I wear my shoes DONT MATTER im 14 theyre suppose to stink.

    I run to school and run back home

    I have big lips and i get self conscious ab them sometimes
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  3. Ohhh! :eek::eek::eek:
    I always had the curiosity of why you had named yourself "Aventus", now I understand it :cool::D:p

    Soo, are you the bigger son?
  4. Yeah, im the only son and the oldest child
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    Some say I'm an eagle . . .
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    I fear most is my judgement...

    All of my friends good or bad I've gave them up...

    I do have a porn addiction since my first vhs of lesbian back in fifth grade...

    First experience back 16 yrs ago..

    "My motto is..you can do anything if you put your mind in to it"
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    - I talk to myself and have conversation with myself I myself talk to my opposite self to solve problems in life. Some how talking and debating with myself helps me.

    - I was a huge dragon ball nerd when i was younger.

    - I was really into Asian culture and history when i was younger. Loved kung fu movies, the dynasty warrior games, watching any movies in a different language.

    - I have been told from my parents that I stuck my dads keys in the outlet. (maybe that's why i am messed up)

    - I remember my mac and cheese was cold from poor to much milk to cool it off so I put it in the microwave for an hour with a metal spoon and I remember going out side to play with my football and seeing the black smoke coming out of the back door and my grandma opening the door and walking out of the smoke with my mac and cheese holding it out and saying "your dinner is ready"
  8. u376

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    I am good with dates...
    I mean I remember some incidents....which happen exactly on which date....
    Also I have a strange habbit of learning vehicle plate numbers of people whom I know.....
  9. Gotham Outlaw

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    I hate flying. I like to travel, but I just hate flying.
  10. Angus McGyver

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    These might not sound too strange, ridiculous, funny or special but whatever:

    -I had only tried 2-3 serious attempts of NoFap behind me before my last (and still standing) streak began.
    -I speak four languages, three of them fluently and will opt for learning another one in the upcoming year.
    -Some of the few foods I don't like are: offals, surströmming (one of the most pungent foods in the world) and soy milk/soy products (except soy-sauce itself).
    -Although right-handed, I can only yoyo-ing with the yoyo in my left hand.
    -Despite not being American, I have visited all 50 states in the USA (the lower 48 + AK & HI)
    -I completed my first full Marathon last year.
  11. recovery_isaac

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    I am in love with science!

    I've lived in the same house in Vegas my whole life and know the exact spot where I was born.

    My favorite animal is a tiger and I wish they weren't so dangerous so I could have one as a pet.

    I love Minecraft for the creative mode because I get to let my creative juices flow.

    I am passionate about piano and singing and I'm writing a few songs.

    My favorite class in school is psychology and I want to become a psychiatrist one day and possibly help mostly people in addictions.
  12. Protagonist

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    I hate loneliness but being with people kills me

    I love learning languages

    I prefer books over TV/movies

    I listen to kpop
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  13. Freddy Freecss Izuku

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    I love books and movies :/

    I don't listen k-pop, but i know that these musics are good! :)

    I'm learning english now! :)
  14. @What I Do That Defines Me Here’s some things about me if you already didn’t know. ;)

    • My favourite video game genres are FPS, simulators, and RPG’s.
    • I love cats and owls, as well as rodents.

    • I’m tall, over 5’8”.
    • I have blue eyes that almost look greyish.
    • I like to read books, especially thriller and Sci-fi
    • I have severe Autism
    • My OCD makes me repeat some tasks.
    • I have a really bad case of misophonia.
    • Am good with computers, especially building them.
    • I love tinkering with electronics and fixing things.
    • Used to be a RAF Air Cadet back in the day.
    • Hate the heat/summer, love the cold, rain, and snow.
    • I don’t drink or smoke.
    • I walk everywhere, don’t own a car.
    • I wake up at night and sleep through the day.
    • I cook all my partner’s meals (and bake) for his birthday.

    • My favourite programmes are Band of Brothers, Dexter seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5 and What Would You Do?
    • I love the SAO series to bloody death, including season 2.

    • Lastly my six favourite films are Hotfuzz, Warm Bodies, Titanic, The Last Samurai, Walter Mitty, and Hector & The Search For Happiness. I have so many I like I can’t list all of them. lol
  15. I love books, movies, games, and anime.

    I love jazz and j-pop.

    I love to sing and as college student I majored in history. For my final project I wrote a 25 page paper about Japan's forgotten atrocities during World War 2.
  16. micultra76

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    Old thread, but I love the topic and would like to contribute a few things about me:
    • I love music, all types of music with the exception of country. Top 5 bands/artists in no particular order:
    • Nirvana, The Doors, John Coltrane, Pink Floyd, Joy Division
    • I'm a very driven/focused individual that can usually accomplish things that I set my mind to
    • I almost drowned once when I was 8 or 9 years old. My father saved me.
    • I completed a tandem sky-dive once which was a lot of fun, but not something I want/need to do again
    • Some of my favorite movies are: The Natural, Dune, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lost in Translation, Her, Contact
    • I never thought that my brother would die before me and at such a young age (37) and that my father would completely stop communicating with me (going on 6 months now)
    • My only real passion at the moment seems to be running. I hope to discover more.
    • I laugh more than I cry and for that I am truly grateful
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  17. I love Cradle of Filths albums

    Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay


    Hammer of the Witches

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  18. I'll go for a strange one

    While sitting outside of work once, and as I was listening to music, a coyote came up from behind me and bit me. My family likes to joke at my expense that I was bitten because of the wolf tattoos I have

    I was able to travel to Europe under the Student Ambassador program in 2010

    I don't understand the fascination with Pop Funkos

    I'm not ready for 2020 lol
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    That is a commendable career choice Isaac. But there is a wide gulf between the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry. A psychologist is often described by ordinary people as a talking therapist. However, a psychiatrist is trained in the medical model and is an expert in diagnosis and medication. These factors may affect your career choice. Good luck buddy.
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