Fantasies about wife sharing.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by FapensteinsMonster, Feb 19, 2014.

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    I hope all is well for him I didn't relaize that
    QUOTE="Dizzy Lotus, post: 243852, member: 50092"]I'd comment, and then I realised that the OP hadn't been online since November 2014... :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]
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    This is exactly my story. I am living in fear and praying that no one misuse those pics which I shared. Although I am not anymore sharing her pics or sexting about her but this wife sharing fantasy still lingers and I am trying really hard to get rid of it. We both love each other a lot and whenever she says that she trusts me, a part of me dies. I really want to get rid of this fantasy. It is such a despicable thing that I don't even want to go to a therapist.
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    I saw someone write that there may be an underlying problem, and there might be. I won't to give the flip side of this coin if no one has yet. More and more people have fetishes about cuckold porn or wife sharing porn, and there is a reason that more and more have recently. In the last few years this has become super mainstream on porn sites. There are categories for this. So if you look at this type or porn and masturbate to it enough, it becomes a "fetish" to you, until you abstain long enough. I have looked at plenty and thought to myself that it would. But I know the reality of where this would lead, possibility of breaking my marriage and more. The thing about addiction is that if you feed it you will look for more and more, soon you may actually try that reality out. It won't end like it does in porn or amateur porn, and do you really won't to be the beta male in the corner watching? Stop looking at porn and this will eventually go away. Good Luck

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