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    To say the past few days have been hard would be a vast understatement. As our march break has just started, I have started having a lot more free time. As a result, old habits started to manifest again and the boredom to far urges.

    However, I made a promise to myself and I intend to keep it. Tomorrow, I will be halfway to my short term goal of 90 days. This is considered in the psychological community to be the minimum amount of time for addiction to start reverting.

    One quote I have seen has resonated with me. 'Addicts like to give up because they know sooner or later they will fail. They would fall from the fourth floor than the penthouse.' Well, I'm not going to the penthouse and staying there. I've seen what controlling physical urges can yield in spiritual benefits and I am very proud of myself.

    To infinity and beyond!
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    This is the rationalization my mind uses sometimes and it's a scary one.
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    You Are Awake .