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    hi guys,
    this is what i am doing to quit pmo. i developed a mindset that makes me deal with failure in a positive way, i also develop a mindset that will help me deal with anything in a way that is not distorter from reality. for example blaming myselg when i am not to blame or being to hard on myself.
    -i try to wake and shower and just leave my house
    -sleep around 11 and wake up 8 (i havent had that much luck with this)
    -no use social media at home, only at school
    -also i divide my goals in small two days without pmo goals and celelbrate myself for them
    The problem so far is that even doing this things seems hard sometimes and sometimes i just decide not too. even if i promess myself i will follow this. this where most of my relapses come from. from my relapses i also learn that when i am super tired after a long day i have more chance of relapsing or not following this habits. i have tried to metally tell myself that i want this good habits but i do not know if it working that well. I am a little worried ngl. but my new mindset does help me deal with this a lot. when i started this method i did 8 days without pmo and that has been the best in a while. after i only did 4 and now only 2. I do not uderstand why tho. i got to one conclusion that is that the first two days are easier but the second two days after that are harder. so i might take that into account. currently i am in a relationship and tbh i really want this to work. i really love this woman and i want to do it for myself cause i love myself. the other problem is that some days i will have good sex with her but some other i wont be able to cum. i dont know if this is because of porn but i just want some ideas guys


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