Has Meditation Helped You?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by modern_asceticism, Nov 3, 2021.

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    I know many nofappers mention that meditation has supported them in quitting. I've heard wild stories of how people who fapped 3-5 times a day for 7 years now only have "O" a few times a year.

    Want I am curious about is they type of meditation that you do and how exactly it helps you with nofap?
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  2. wicket

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    Without it I fall apart. Come undone at the seams. With it is the only way now.
  3. Changed my life. See the link in my signature.
  4. young Dale Dan Tony

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    I have heard stories that the recovery is going way quicker if you meditate everyday, i have done it for 1 week now 10 min a day. No huge improvements yet
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    Don't expect it to change your life over night but I find it very powerful, you learn to observe the patterns of your own mind, which is everything in life, we're all constantly listening to our minds instead of detaching from it.

    I just sit down in silence and observe everything, sounds, bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions, all these movements, you'll catch yourself following the thoughts again and again, just come back to this observing. Other meditations are more relaxation techniques (breathing, scanning, etc) and they are great too but they don't teach you to observe. You can meditate sitting down for a particular duration but you can also apply it to daily life.
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    It helps me to keep going and not break my streak (so far, lol).

    It helps me to not sit around and lust for PMO all day, like I thought I would when anticipated the idea of quitting.

    In meditation you are supposed to not mentally label feelings and/or thoughts, not surpress them, not act upon them, but watch them silently and let them be.

    When I apply the same technique towards any kind of urges, it helps dealing with them. It allows more control over my behavior, even while an urge is present.

    I can have the physical feeling without thinking "uh, that's a very strong urge, if I don't act upon it now, imagine how bad will it get later?! Better act upon the urge soon!"

    This removes (or rather, lessens to a great extent) a big part of the problem, the mental part. The physical part is very benign after that in comparison.

    I guess I don't need to meditate every morning to deal with urges during the day, but I strongly feel it helps to exercise this technique in a kind-of safe environment at first (ignoring thoughts and focusing on breath), so that when an actual urge comes I am better prepared to deal with it.

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