Hey guys, what is your motivation?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by JensDK42, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. KaiserKhan786

    KaiserKhan786 Fapstronaut

    To become the strongest
  2. Hey, Kaiser, what a goal, thousand days!!! Wish you good luck!!
  3. Nickandopolis

    Nickandopolis Fapstronaut

    1. For God and going forward I want no sex before marriage.

    I always wanted number 1 but other reasons are....

    2. My view of women is not right, they aren't objects.

    3. To stop my expectations that when I get married my wife will do all the stuff girls in Porno do. I even expected my past girlfriend to do the stuff I watched and she wouldn't. It caused me anger, never directed at her though, so I'd just get my fix from porn when I was alone.

    4. To fix my brain that keeps looking for a fix with more and shameful porn. As years have gone by I am baffled why I was into that and realized under no circumstance should a woman be treated like that by guys or be expected do those perverted things.

    5. To fix how I receive pleasure. I never use lotion, just dry rub after years of use. When I tried lotion or lube it takes me 3X as long to finish, I try hard to have an orgasm and it is so hard.

    6. To take control back!!
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  4. Faith1991

    Faith1991 New Fapstronaut

    My motivation has been God. I strongly believe that his son died on the cross for us, and sex is just something that's meant to be special. Porn is sin, and it just keeps me from, keeps of all from, being the good men that we can be. Just so tired of the anxiety that comes with it and the shame and depression of failure. I've gotten much better, but it needs to stop completely. It's ruining my life.
  5. ForThePeople

    ForThePeople Fapstronaut

    To one day have a balanced spirtitual lifestyle, and a meaningful relationship not based entirely off sex.
  6. to live life to its fullest
  7. hormigonElaborado

    hormigonElaborado Fapstronaut

    2) Social Anxiety

    3) Lethargic/lazyness

    4) Lack of sense of purpose in life
    toke this ones from the first guy to reply, that's how lazy i am right now....

    anyways... to add something else, i want more focus when i study or work, i want better performance when i do gym training, and i also want something that i felt once... that i could take real risks and don't feel afraid of failure or something, and of course to feel well rested
  8. To be limitless in both strength and pure heartedness for a lifelong amount of time inevitably.
    All the people counting, relying, trusting, needing, looking to, depending on, putting their faith in, putting their loyalty in me.

    To be the right man. To be a just man. My family and my beliefs. All those I love.
  9. drawoh

    drawoh Fapstronaut

    to defeat porn induced ED
    to increase testosterone
    to connect with women as people/spiritual beings
    motivation to get laid if I want to bust instead of through the hand to pixels
  10. Schultz1029

    Schultz1029 Fapstronaut

    These are great tips. I will use them :)
  11. JensDK42

    JensDK42 Guest

    It's insane looking how bad I was doing 2 weeks ago. I'm feeling great at the moment, and I'm doing the challenge for my sake. To improve and to prove to myself that I am great.
  12. aaron92

    aaron92 Fapstronaut

    1. To give up porn for good
    2. To feel more proud of myself
    3. To motivate myself more.
  13. to gain focus. I am a psycho. I want to get rid of this thought process in my mind. there is so much noise I cannot concentrate on Now. I want to switch this thing off.
  14. Philip1990

    Philip1990 Fapstronaut

  15. x_sg_x

    x_sg_x New Fapstronaut

    To get rid of my porn addiction. I just want to feel free and independent like everyone else.
  16. The Ace

    The Ace Fapstronaut

    - I feel like shit every day after I PMO. I can't focus and I can't stay awake if I'm still. I'm sad. I feel alone and depressed all the time. I don't want that anymore.

    - I've had low self-esteem for years and there's no way it's ever going away if I keep fapping.

    - My emotions have become suppressed and I'm basically a living drone. I'm not the fun person I used to be.

    - I can only see women as objects and not as the people I would actually like to know.

    - My brain has been rewired to only find certain, unrealistic-looking women to be sexy.

    - I haven't been able to "get it up" in years, due to overstimulation from prone MOing and my acquired fetishes. I used to get erections/turned on all the time, but there hasn't been any life down there in a while without me giving it a lot of manual "help."

    - I've never had a girlfriend/been kissed/been in love before, and I just want to know what it's like to love someone and be loved. I know I can't do that and be addicted to sex at the same time.

    - I want to be free and have total self-control. Being a slave to addiction is not enjoyable nor is it fulfilling. I want to take my mind back and my life back.
  17. Musta

    Musta Fapstronaut

    mainly to focus on studying , I'm about to fail this year due to porn
  18. The Eleven

    The Eleven Fapstronaut

    1. To become a better, healthier person.
    2. To become a better, healthier husband and father.
    3. To be rid of a source of guilt and shame in my life.
    4. To defeat PIED and resume a normal sex life with my wife.
    5. To avoid giving another employer a reason to fire me.
  19. kitty fukr

    kitty fukr Banned

    I used to be in-love but the dumb bich hurt my feelings though it was a long time ago. I want a girlfriend, but I know I can have any chick I want so I'm just keeping a lookout for wife material, and I also dont want to let anybody down.

    Dont get down bud I also want to love somebody, that's why i know Jesus is saving for me the perfect lady.
  20. Nath1234

    Nath1234 Fapstronaut

    I want to emulate my Father & Grandfather in their achievements.

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