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    Hi! I am 24 and nine months ago, my therapist asked me if I ever thought I could have a porn addiction. I never thought about that. I felt that my erectyle disfunction, extreme sexual behaviors and lack of interests in my partners were just signs I had sexual problems. When I told her about the amount of porn I was able to watch in one session and the hours I was taking to masturbate, she looked at me straight in the eyes and asked me that.
    It really broke my heart.
    Now I have a partner that I deeply love and I want to have a fulfilling life with him. I am a psychology student, I studied neuroplasticity and while browsing articles on dopamine, I saw the link to the NoFap website. I read everything, the book, the testimonies and I decided to start the Reboot, to get control over my life back and to live with the love of my life happy and satisfied
    See you around!
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