Holy shit, do not eat unnatural sugar when on Nofap

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Talove, Apr 2, 2019.

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    OK, so I have been experimenting with foods and how they effect my body. For a while now, I had been relapsing over and over. I could never figure out exactly why. I was extremely determined to stop it and I did not enjoy watching porn or masturbating anymore. So far my current streak I have been doing well, and it is surprisingly easy. As I have either been fasting or only eating with family. Today, I decided to make myself a breakfast, as I felt my body had recovered and I felt clear headed. I wanted to not think about food, and have some energy to do specific things today. I had some eggs(not natural), some nuts(almost fully natural) and some blue berries(hopefully natural). My parents get all the food from mainstream grocery stores so I know that the food is not the best, but I try my hardest the eat the best I can from what is there. So after I ate these foods, I did not really feel any better than I did before I ate breakfast. In fact, I felt slightly worse(but it wasn't that bad). But now, I was hungry. Than I ate some apparently organic bread and peanut butter. I knew that these had some sugar in them, but it was very minuscule, and I did not think much of it. Also I thought the fiber would reduce these effects. But hell no it did not. Almost immediately after I ate the peanut butter sandwich. I got fucking hit with a sugar rush. I felt it coursing through my body. I started to become way less clear-headed. Than all of a sudden my urges instantly got stronger. This innocent meal of a peanut butter sandwich, I then realized had been a big contributor to my relapses. Like as soon as I ate it, I felt like I was back in the past and not even on Nofap. And this was all from only a few grams of sugar. Luckily I was aware enough of this to not relapse. But now I could see why I would just immediately relapse after eating breakfast. I would wake up, fresh feeling great(on a streak). Then eat some breakfast. Then all of a sudden I would feel unmotivated, not clear-headed, and not like I did when I woke up. This was the sugar the whole time. And in confusion I would just go masturbate. So now I got one of the links to the addiction cut. But some good news. I found that sugar and more unnatural foods like this, only really easily link to relapse when you are alone. So don't worry to much about family outings or going out with friends. As long as you know in yourself that you do not want to relapse you'll be good. Its only when these foods make you lose yourself just enough to give in. I still feel the effects of this sugar right now, so I am gonna wait this thing out, and be sure to not relapse. I know now to be more careful when I eat alone. I hope this helps bring light to anyone who is confused on why they relapse, even though they have very strong intentions not to.
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    There are an few threads going around about eating healthy while on NoFap. Cutting out junk food, process foods, etc.

    I would advise educating yourself about insulin sensitivity, and carbs. Carbs except fiber gets turned to glucose (blood sugar) in your body.

    Simple carbs such as table sugar, enriched wheat flour (white bread), regular potatos, cookies, donuts, sodas & white rice get broken down quickly by the body. This raises your insulin lvls drastically causing the sugar rush (veins will probably be busting out), and increase chance for excess calories to be stored as fats.

    Complex carbs such as whole wheat flour (wheat bread), oats, sweet potatos, vegatables, berries digest slowly and doesnt spike insulin as harsh.
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    Thank you for this, it was also the apparent organic bread that also made me have the rush. Its not, its pretty much just white bread. I just don't like my state of mind that sugar and simple carbs trigger in me. I felt great, than all of a sudden my head was just fogged. I have researched carbs and stuff, I have just not taken the time to implement this into what and when I eat as of late. It was just easier for me to eat something and not think much about it as I was hungry. And that bread is one of the few healthier foods in the house. From that experience, I am no longer going to eat that bread or peanut butter when I do not what to feel that rush.
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    I really gotta watch what I eat. Getting away from all the sugar is going to be a big change.

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