How far have you come through your nofap journey and how is it benefited you?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by faiz ahmed, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. faiz ahmed

    faiz ahmed Fapstronaut

    I've been on no PMO for 4 days now and i have really cherished my decision of getting rid of this dangerous habit.Whenever something hard would come along my way I wouldn't be able to face the challenge and accomplish the great instead I would prefer the path of least resistance i.e PMO. Now that I've just stayed away from it for 4 days, i feel so much energy and the desire to do the challenging stuff , I have started feeling a genuine drive towards getting more stuff done and in a better way. Is your nofap journey benefited you just the way it was promised?
  2. Player 1

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    As a 7 years addict with social anxiety and several rejections.
    I feel like this is the only way out of this morose/unsecure lifestyle I've always lived, the energy bonus NoFap grants really makes you alive and chill. You feel like a man, at full power and mentally free. That's what gives you the advantage over close-minded people who abuse stuff (such as alcohol, drugs, smoke, food...).

    You accept the change, and a fight against your twisted primary drives, what a lot of people don't want to do because it's not the easiest. You make this effort to become greater everyday, you refuse instant gratification to build mental strenght... That's what you need to succeed in life.

    That's what NoFap taught me.
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  3. March 5

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    Yes - I am about half way through my 90 goal and it is like I was blind and now I see.

    Quitting PMO does not solve anything in and of itself, but it gives you the "push" you need to live the life you want. That being said, it is very much on you to now take action towards your goals. Do not make the mistake of sitting around waiting for things to change.
  4. outwithold

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    Hi, for sure there are many benefits, Its a very opening route also.

    Times of realism, truths and feelings of breakthrough at times and clarity.

    Am I in constant energy and feel good... im afraid not... maybe one day if I keep working at myself.

    But Just to say though thats a great start man and 100% really taking command of an issue can be very empowering! enjoy this feeling
  5. faiz ahmed

    faiz ahmed Fapstronaut

    How do you guys resist the urges to relapse?
  6. outwithold

    outwithold Fapstronaut

    personally by not tempting myself too much,
    definitely no porn or other stuff etc...
    I limit online time as much as possible,
    I basically try not to just sit there thinking about my urges and cravings..
    yes Im holding on at times... and having to let thoughts and moments pass.. some days its tougher than others.
    I find going for walks.. meditation...exercise helps me to not just sit there thinking in those perverse ways.

    And of course as often as possible Im reminding myself why Im doing this and how I didnt like what I was doing and had become through my addictions and how it doesnt improve me, doesnt get me anywhere and is destructive!

    Hope something helps in there

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