How to have motivation when u dont? A motivating method to get back your motivation.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by :)-keepsmiling, May 21, 2020.

  1. :)-keepsmiling

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    Hey there,
    I have recently found a way to stay motivated when you are not. Let's see.... U gyes have some work and u think it is important but u ar not able to do it because u think u lack motivation?
    Here is the soultion
    Come up with a reason why u have to work( if it feels difficult take time). The reason that u are comming up with should be doable and the second, it must instill hope in you. Always remember that reasons reap results. If u ar taking up the nofap challenge u ar not doing for timepass but u have a reason to do right? Similarly this can help u do other activities that u are procrastinating to do.
    I hope the best
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    Instead of thinking of a cognitive reason why we have to do a kind of work, I think people would do much better if they study how things work. Understanding the functions of things, including ourselves lets us know about things that work pretty much automatically. Your body doesn't need motivation to go to sleep when you're tired, and it doesn't need motivation to eat - it has tiredness and hunger built in for that though it's obviously possible to have sleep disorders and eating disorders. But the point is it doesn't rely on willpower, if anything willpower is only needed to get back on track so your natural instincts can have their proper place when it comes to things like that. And if you sleep well and eat well you'll be in a much better mental state even if it doesn't take apathy and procrastination away completely.
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  3. p1n1983

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    I think is about the cost of doing it, the benefit of doing it or the toll of not doing it.
    In case of nofap... the cost of doing it is high, is really difficult to avoid PMO if you are addicted.
    The benefit of nofap depends on what you want to achive with nofap. In my case the benefits are higher than the cost of doing it.
    But the toll for not doing it is the worst of all, is to still have this addiction in my life that surly but slowly is going to make it a living hell.
    Putting some math in it.
    The cost of nofap is a -5. The benefits are a 10 and the toll of not doing nofap is a -5.

    Today i'm in 0. If i do nothing i decide to take the toll so eventually i will be in -5. If i do NoFap initially i will be on -5 but in a few months i will receive all the benefit and i will be on a +5. This is way I choose to do nofap, i want a +5 for my life, not a -5.

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