I´m new in Nofap but not new in rebooting process

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Someone that haven´t had a wet dream ?

  1. Never in my life

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  2. I have it but after XX days of no PMO

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  1. ClimberF

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    I´m 26 and been working on this since may-2016.. My longest streak was 83 days. Now I´m 15 days
    I know for me it´s better to do hard mode. No PMO at all, not even with a partner and not even edging with a partner. I have already done that and the chaser effect is strong;so it´s more like to PMO after I´ve been with a girl.
    So I see it like a time to give a rest to my fucked up brain and prostate.
    I´m here to have an extra motivation and to share to all the community all my experience on this. I´ve read a tons of good information. But now is my year to reboot completely. Not just 90 days PMO free. I know I need more or less 9 months (based on one of Gabe Deem´s videos). But the first goal is 90 days PMO free.
    I´m going to mention a few points:
    • I highly recommend to do some sport and do it part of your life.. This will boost your reeboot and of course, to do sport will focus your energy in good stuff. (Will clean your mind easily). Meditation/Yoga is also a great idea.
    • I don´t know if you guys have been struggling with social media and relapses. In my case, Facebook has been the author of more than 90% of my relapses. So you have to pay a lot of attention to this and be really carefull. Social media and internet is ful of triggers. Avoid triggers is so important. Actually there is some apps you can download in order to control this. I´ve using it and it´s really useful.
    • If you do some drugs or weed it´s better to stop it. They activate the same pathways (dopamine) and it´s more likely and to relapse. In my personal experience weed and PMO have a connection. So if I´m high is like "I don´t care or less worry" about my goals and my recovering process. Also I´ll be more horny. It´s better if you are doing this process to do it as sober as you can. Your mind will be more focused in the important things.
    • I´ve never had a wet dream in my entire life! So that´s a good indicator that my brain is so fucked up. I started to masturbate so young. 4 years old and watched porn at 7 the first time (accidentaly).
    It will be nice to discuss another points.
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  2. D . J .

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    Welcome to NoFap where you are amongst friends who are here to encourage you and not judge you. You are courageous to come forth and share your experiences and we thank you for doing so.

    You have a great list of strategies and a solid game plan, check out In Case You Didn't Know for additional strategies and tips to help you along your journey.
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  3. ClimberF

    ClimberF Fapstronaut

    Thanks so much for the information! I will read it all and keep the ones I like for my recovering process
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