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    I'm on my longest streak since I started PMOing at 15 years old. 70+ days. my previous streak was 27 days. I'm proud of that accomplishment. I have to admit though, during this streak I still looked at pics of several half-naked women on Instagram (had to delete the app recently) and couple times even looked at fully naked women on the internet. earlier today I literally watched a naked cam girl do herself with a dildo, edged a little and barely leaked. i stopped and immediately went to the emergency button on this site. in the past, while i been on the nofap journey, i would relapse so it's a small win to stop. i know i gotta stop looking at pics of women. i didn't technically relapse but i feel shame and the addiction is still there. what y'all think? would you reset your counter?
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    IMO: if you feel that the porn is loosing power over you, don’t reset the counter. It’s a silly misstep but also a leaning opportunity. Progres? Great. Still addicted? Not so great, take a walk in the park.
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