I am new here. Hi. I have a question please

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Goodhope, May 12, 2018.

  1. Goodhope

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    Hi. My mind often find reasons or justifications for fapping. So i want to ask if this reason is valid.

    I like to keep my sperm healthy. Even if i dont plan to have kids. So i do sports, i eat healthy, etc.

    Right now i am taking antibiotics for 6 days, i know every antibiotic can damage the sperm quality and also can kill sperm.

    Soo.. I feel like i have to get rid of the sperm i have inside because it has been damaged and is poor quality or wasted because of the antibiotics.

    I honestly dont want to fap nor ejaculate. But how to deal with this idea? I dont like the idea of having damaged sperm inside me. And it works as an excellent excuse to relapse.

    Please i need help. I dont want to relapse.
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    Hey Goodhope. Great question. Sorry noone answered yet. I don't know how to reassure you on this one. What would help? A scientific article? I think that there is alot of myths about needing to ejaculate. For example saying someone will get prostrate cancer if they don't. But I think that's a myth. Its interesting how the anxiety finds convincing words. IDK the actual science of it, but I would see that as the addiction trying to talk me into acting out.

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