I feel as if I'm a pedo.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Moatasem, May 17, 2021.

  1. a bit idealistic but some of it has real truth
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  2. whole up there
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  3. You are too hard on yourself. Self condemnation is not productive. Yours is extreme. Give yourself room to be an imperfect human being and love yourself while you improve yourself.
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    You are a religious? Man know the demons spread evil thinking in our mind all the time. And porn change our moral values. Try to focus in be a better person, study, work, do exercicies, help people like persons that needs foods.
    If you are made good things your brain and life will be changed.

    I already see porn of animal with womans, and get horny, it is disgusting too, but i know that is an influence of evil, and i try to be a better man all the time. Pray more and be grateful to your family, friends, God, you are not an pedo, you are confused because porn make us sick. I already have somo sexual thinks horrible to, but i not focus in they and they gone.
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    Check out Eckhart Tolle if you have not

    We are not our thoughts!
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    It's escalation into taboo. If you're ever feeling like you need to go to that extreme, it is a huge sign that you need to quit porn.

    Back in highschool I knew a student who got raided by fbi for looking at this stuff

    So it is very serious, and should not be taken lightly
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    I was a monotheist, but now I'm an agnostic atheist, but thanks for the encouragement chief.
  8. It amazes me how people create strong systems of morality and strong feelings about things based only on man-made laws. But we should obey the law. If you had a favorite song, a favorite movie, a favorite game at 15, you probably still like most of the same things 10+ years later. So if you found certain types of girls attractive at the same age, just because a law was passed stating it's illegal to be an adult and get with that age, do people really think a man is supposed to have a massive appetite switch at 18? And when did 20th and 21st century corrupt and biased politicians and lawmakers become the moral compass for humanity when for thousands of years, what some of our brothers are tormenting themselves and wishing to die over liking ( I do not support child porn) would have been laughable and seen as ok to our ancestors, in particular marrying underage girls? See this link.


    I think we as humans are kinda fickle and like sheeple. Historically, homosexuality was offensive in many societies and taboo, but these same lawmakers ok it. I love all people and condemn none based on your choice. I can't condemn you. I am making a point. Clearly there is an agenda here and from all indications, it is to weaken men so society is more controllable and population control. Nation building and population building activities have historically involved low age of consent or no age of consent.

    There is a thing called evolution of society which offers certain improvements. Age of consent allows girls in post modern times to blossom all around- educationally, socially, culturally and maximize their potential. Things have gotten out of hand now, though, with concepts like toxic masculinity and man bashing. Don't try to cut off my dick so you can feel empowered. But something is wrong in western society when top porn search for women is lesbian.

    Now, personally, I think it's immoral to have sex with females especially underage ones and not be married to them but I do not condemn anyone because I am not fit to do so. I think the laws of today regarding relationships between men and minor females are biased and extreme, though. Elites do it and get away with it. California does allow marriage to underage girls by grown men with certain permissions and have no lower age limit to my knowledge. Also since someone brought up religion, there is no law in bible stating it's immmoral to have an underage wife, but it does tell us to obey the laws of the land.

    I also am against child porn because it's illegal and out of concern for trafficking and other forms of exploitation of children.
    But don't hate yourself because you are a man and have an issue. Clearly society does enough of that-hating us men and trying to cut off our manhood and masculinity.
    Someone wanting to die or feeling condemned because you are 20+ and got aroused looking at a teen girl below 18? This is too much. I would expect many men today have feelings for underage teen girls given our ancestors did for thousands of years without a problem.

    Top porn search for men also is teen according to pornhub analytics article in ~2014. I discourage looking at this type of porn because you just don't know for sure if they are above 18 and we should prioritize the law over our personal fetishes and feelings to stay out of trouble and not create problems. At same time, don't kill yourself if how you feel does not line up with manmade laws, especially if you are not breaking them.

    In my opinion, because western culture demonizes masculinity to certain extent, limiting and punishing the use of our masculine parts in certain heterosexual ways to the very extreme and more than in times past would be understandable.

    What some of you are wanting to kill yourself over isn't even pedophilia.
    We should seek to live life according to higher laws so we won't have to worry about being ensnared by man-made laws. I am definitely not perfect here and struggling in some areas.
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