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  1. I’ve been trying to reboot since December of last year. My sex drive was shot so I went to the doctors and learned got a blood test. He told me about internet porn addiction and how it can screw with libido and erections so I began rebooting. Long story short, I feel like I’m some kind of asexual sex addict. My natural feeling of sexuality has never come back, but I’ll keep relapsing out of anxiety or some limited amount of libido. I made it 89 days no PMO over the summer, and six months porn free until I began abusing MO and got absolutely destroyed by the chaser effect. Probably PMOd 20+ times in 24 hours. I see people on here talking about feeling nothing and celebrating the flatline. I saw someone on here saying they’d been doing NoFap for 2 years and are still feeling limited sex drive. This seems like some sort of castration. I have some ED meds that work well for me and there are people who want to have sex with me. I’m not sure if I want to have sex with them out of ego or fear, but I feel a burning need to, even if I have to take ED pills to do so. I’m 19 and bi sexual, the thought of not being able to have sex or wasting time on NoFap if it’s just gonna result in more “flatline” makes me want to blow my head of, which I’ve been considering more and more seriously as of late. My question is, should I stick it and and try and “heal”? For how long? This NoFap bs is taking a toll on my mental health to the point where I’ve started seriously enjoying hurting myself. I just wanna go have sex. Should I go live my life and take pills if I need to, with a halfway fucked libido? Or should I keep trying to fix it with NoFap even tho I’d rather drink bleach at this point? Thanks for your time .
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    hey bro, honestly id say imo you should switch your focus up and trust the process. This will not only heal you but it'll give you clarity in what ever your situation in life is and itll help you to get to a better place where ever you want that place to be. Don't overthink. Sex is good dont get me wrong but worrying and overthinking will in the end cause anxiety and relapse. I'd say in order to stop overthinking you gotta dig deep into yourself and find a solid why as to why you wanna do nofap and what you hope to get out of it other then sex. This could be anything.
  3. Hm yeah you're right man. The problem is I don't really feel like I have that reason. I just want to feel not broken.
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    You just told my fucking story bro

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