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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by lonewolf296, Jun 16, 2019.

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    Hello I am 18 years old. I have been focussing on Nofap quite a month before.

    I got exposed to porno at the age of 14 . I have been fapping for 4 years but recently this fapping thing has been eating me from the inside . I really want to abstain from PMO . This thing is really killing me . I want to have a focused mind towards my studies but whenever I try to study , I feel a high sex drive inside my head and this makes me get up from my desk and go watch porno . I recently broke a 17 day streak . My last best streak was 35 days . Also these streaks break soon after I experience a wet dream . I had begun to reap the benefits but these dirty images of all those girls I saw on porn just don't leave my head and it becomes really hard . I really want to abstain myself from PMO . I remain lonely all day and literally have no friends or a girlfriend . I have to prepare for an exam coming up in January 2020 and want to leave this porn thing behind .I have some bad memories of getting bullied and I feel broken inside . I find it really hard to control this energy inside of me and drive it towards my goal .But I cannot do it . I need help seriously . Because I need to focus into my studies and this thing won't let me . I can't afford to waste time fapping to pixels
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    I had the same. It drives us crazy. The images are there to get us unfocus. To be slaves to pornography. It is the system that wants to hold us down. They want to control you and me through a very effective and powerful weapon, pornography.

    Try to remember How you got to 35 days. What did you do to get there? What was your mindset? How was your life? You probably smiled a lot more and had far more energy. i can only speak of own experience having to deal with withdrawals from serious relapses lately. You can get back there If you really try hard enough.
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    I went to europe and was afraid that there might be strict rules for porno and did'nt want to get caught . Same thing happened when I visited the UAE . I left porn no matter how strong my urge were. But earlier when I was at 35 days streak I had friends and I talked to a lotta girls . Instead it is the reverse I used to fap 2-3 that time but now when I am alone and have no friends I only fap once . Whenever I am alone , I wish to do the wrong thing. But when I am surrounded by people or relatives I dont get that high sex drive. Only aim here is I want all my energy and sex drive to be converted into something useful and beneficial for my studies , cause this exam is will be the last chance and it is like a holy grail for me. BUT I need a cure from this bullshittery , I don't have time to waste. I am literally begging for cure.
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    I wish there was a "cure" but theres nothing within reason that can be an instant fix. My best friend has always said "the things worth doing in life aren't easy" remember that doesnt mean thar its impossible though. One idea i just had have your tried group therapy? It could be a good way to make friends well also dealing with personal issues. If you need people to talk to and make friends with there are plenty here, im willing to talk to you too, shoot me a dm if you want or discord dm me @ Whammy VA#6443 i dont have discord on my phone though because..well youu can probably guess

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