I want to know your reason to quit pmo ;)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by lion188, May 3, 2018.

  1. sfmark12

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    At first I found NoFap by looking up on Google how to have sensitivity in your penis again. Now I see the whole truth about porn and masturbation and I'll never look back. I have more reasons but that's the big one.
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  2. SwedishViking

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    Thinking more clearly
    Being more confident
    appreciating life more
    Improving relationships
  3. It is a compendium of reasons. One important is, that I shun and avoid addictions of any kind. I have watched my attraction for masturbation over all the years, how it changed, was influenced, given up for a while, etc. I already started trying to abstain in my youth, mostly because I wanted to control the habit, but was not successfull longer than a few days/weeks and always returned to masturbation, because I rationalized my reasons to stop were probably just religious/spiritual bullshit. (I have examined enough of this "bullshit" now, to be sure there is a valid reason, why most religious esoteric practices demand celibacy or at least sexual moderation.)
    Also there is a silent guilt factor present in all these secret sneaky sex activities. I do not proudly present or tell anyone : "You know, I just love to beat my meat before sleep! " If you feel awkward that someone close or a neighbour could watch you accidentally in your private activities, something might be wrong with them. Mostly I do it for the positive effects: energy, discipline, willpower, feeling alive and confident. As longer and more often I was successfull in abstaining, as more banal and ordinary the short high of a physical orgasm appears to me. It is only worth all the action and energy for an emotional important partner, else I would consider it just an undirected wasting of lifeforce.
  4. lamstronger

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    Clear mind, better focus, more energy, testosterone, superpowers
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  5. lion188

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    Hi, how did you notice that affect your testosterone ? ;) just a curious questions
  6. Soberhopeful

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    Whenever I watch porn, I support an industry that dehumanizes women. Over 75 percent of the women who do porn are drug addicts and alcoholics because it's the only way they can deal with the pain they are put through. Lot of women end up getting PTSD and there are a high rate of suicides. Women are choked and beaten until they agree to do what is asked of them. They all get incurable STDs. One in particular had to get an abortion because she got an STD in her cervix. The adult movies edit out a lot of the pain that the women are put through. Only a sadomasochist would keep watching.
  7. LeeUK

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    At age 28 I realized I'd been heavily addicted to pmo for over 15 years and didn't have a clue. It is most likely the reason for a lot of failures in my life including past relationships, my career and not becoming an alpha male.

    It's now 2 years on and I still haven't managed to beat the addiction even after coming to so many realisations. Something changed last week though and I'm now more determined than ever to beat this. Everything I need is right in front of me and won't cost a penny. I just need to take it. Own it. Start a new, better life both for myself and my girlfriend who has miraculously stayed with me through all the shit times.
  8. btwiseman

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    PMO has kept me from becoming independent in life, instead becoming addicted to many other things like video games, foods and so forth. Caused lethargy from bettering myself. Caused a bad attitude in life that made me lose what friends I had. Caused me to lose the one I loved. Too many regrets. Not enough time. I became closed off, unable to connect with others meaningfully. Constant brain fog and mental masturbation. Living in fantasy worlds. Avoiding reality. People hurt me too much. But I cannot use PMO to escape. Have to forgive and move on. Heal the pain. That's all addictions cover, the pain. But there's no growth without pain. I must control my own growth instead of some addiction.
  9. Vedas_fr

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    Because i hate the after effects of ejaculation : fatigue, drained energy, weird symptoms like gas, weakness, insomnia. Life is hard enough not to add this. I think i am at the point where i totally dropped the habit for the rest of my life.
  10. Hatfuge

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    Basicly because I realised how damaging it is to normal functioning of my body, also it's time consuming, with little benefit and outcome
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  11. lamstronger

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    Low testosterone can be linked to fatigue, lack of energy
  12. nomo

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    PMO is a huge time waster. If I had spent as much time researching investing and building my financial portfolio as I did watching porn, I would be a millionaire by now and I'm not kidding. I can't afford to go through life with my main activity being PMO. There's a much better life out there without porn.
  13. snowwolf0111

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    I actually think it changes my moods.. also my self confidence. I also realised that the pornstar ( no matter how pretty ) does not actually care about you.. which made me not happy to fap anymore.
  14. lackingabettername

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  15. Angel electrico

    Angel electrico Fapstronaut

    Because this year Im trying to improve myself: be a better christian, be a better son, a better student, a better friend, do excercise, drink more water, eat less fast food, and im in the right track with all this goals, but the most important habit I have to change is my PMO addiction, it only makes me feel depressed and takes too much of my time and energy.
  16. TealKoala

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    I'm quitting PMO for science. I'm an aspiring neuroscientist and I want to know first hand the effect rebooting has on my brain chemistry rather than reading other peoples accounts online.
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  17. Progresstronaut

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    I think the most common reason for NoFap is to drop an anchor from your life that is holding you back. For me, PMO has taken a lot of my friends, family, hobbies, career goals, and relationships; chewed them up and spit them out. I haven't been able to achieve the things in my life that I have wanted due to this addiction. That's the main reason for me: freedom, to grow, to fail, to succeed, to forge my life willingly, instead of watch it waste away. I have already taken a look back at my life and feel mostly shame for what I see: I do not want to do the same thing years down the line and continue to feel that same way.
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  18. ApprenticeInWar

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    Feeling of accomplishment, higher sex drive and self-esteem. For me, there is no sense if I can't control myself during an urge. And I feel like a withered plant everytime I relapse, as if something had drained all my energy away.
  19. switex

    switex Fapstronaut

    Quiting PMO to see how i will change. I was tired of being sad,hurt,lonely,depressed and not happy. Now everything is different and feeling most of the day smiling and being happy. I'm just curious what happens in the future with my streak.
  20. TurtleBrah

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    Fatigue is not the answer to life's problems.

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