I'd Rather Not Do it at All

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    Disclaimer: I'm not saying that you can't use moderation. This is just what works easier for me.

    I'll hit 90 days here soon but I'm not done just yet. I'd rather not PMO ever again than limit it to once a month. I did easy mode after I relapsed without porn three months ago. I went back to hard mode after MO'ing excessively. Maybe I'm different but I find cold turkey to be easier than moderation in the long run. For one thing, you don't have to worry about the chaser effect and two; you have to completely replace PMO with something else because it's no longer an option. When I was doing easy mode it was so my addict brain could get the dopamine it wanted. It was after a 54-day streak: my longest at the time. 54 days is not nearly long enough for a full reboot. 90 days is the bare minimum. I'll go a little off-topic here but the dumbest possible thing you can do on nofap is to relapse after 90 days as a "reward." I have no problem with rewards after long streaks, but don't reward yourself with the thing you've been trying so hard to avoid for the past three months. Some say that it's necessary to relapse after a long streak and not binge to prove that you're no longer addicted. I say this is bull. What exactly are you proving by relapsing? The only way to prove that you're no longer addicted to PMO is to not PMO. If you relapse after a long streak and manage to bounce back to where you where before the relapse, then you're no longer addicted. But you don't need to relapse to prove that. It's easier to just keep going without the need to "prove" that you're no longer addicted. I'll go off-topic again an say that no amount of nofap will make you immune to the effects of PMO. No matter how long you go, you can always relapse and fall back into your old habits. This is yet another reason as to why I believe that it's easier to never PMO again than to limit yourself to once a month. And if you are going to limit yourself to once a month after your reboot, you may as well go without it. Nofap has made me realize that PMO is not something I want to do again. There's nothing good about PMO. Why would you want to keep doing it?
  2. I agree with this soo much. When I started to try and quit porn, I did those reward things. I said that if I could quit one month I would be allowed to watch one day, and then I continued on. That didn't work, because when I did that I soon started making excuses. Well it don't hurt with one more for the road does it? And then thinking maybe once every two week and the rest I didn't watch. Guess what, that didn't work either. And the worst absolute thing I could do was to binge as much as I could to get tired of it. Well it did help me tire of porn literally, but I really me and the anxiety suffered because of it. So yeah for me too, I am done with porn for good. I know it's a huge statement, and also saying I will never again. Okay I may relapse, but right now I don't see that happening. Because I know what will happen if I do. Crippling anxiety which I want no part of. So now I know I can go without it.

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