Im eighteen with a four inch girth. Please Help!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sam Smith, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. ..Anna..

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    There was a guy with the tiniest thing I have ever seen. It didn't stop me for getting crazy about him. Unfortunately, lol. Turned out he is the biggest perv and low moral person I have known also, so I don't want to see him anymore. But I guess low self- esteem about the small size is what led him become like that. Don't go that path.
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  2. DemonSemen

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    You’ve seen too many porn monster dicks. Stop worrying about the size and learn how to use it.
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  3. You have enough, now all you need to focus on is the motion of the ocean and the flow of the currents ;)
  4. elevate

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    The thing with obsessing over superficial things like penis size is that it leads to obsessing over other equally unimportant petty things.

    You will never win the game of comparison. There will always be someone with more money, materialism, success, and physical attributes.

    "If I had this and that, then I can be confident." That line of thinking will never be satisfied. There will always be something else. Another pre-requisite before you can allow yourself to be who you are and live your life.

    That is your penis. Respect it and be thankful for it. It's for some, but not for all. Just as you'll like certain things about other people. Everyone has different tastes. You're basically worrying about being liked and approved by everyone. You think one person that doesn't approve of you and rejects you will be the end of the world. So you think something petty like penis size is the problem.

    The problem isn't your penis. The problem is you have unrealistic views about yourself and the views of others.

    Being playful, adventurous, bold, daring, having fun, laughing, and treating a woman with respect has done way more for the orgasms of the women in my life than my penis.

    If you're focused on superficial things (especially about yourself), then you're being self centered. Thus you aren't able to think and feel what the woman thinks and feels.

    For the most part, the only time women will care about your penis size is if you let it affect your confidence, which in turn affects how she feels as well because your negative thoughts express themselves in your behavior, not because of the penis size itself.
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    Everyone wants a big peen or a Lamborghini.
  6. Haydenbecker0

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    I’m literally identical to you with age and size
  7. rob13_

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    Nah, nobody really cares about dick size dude. You probably care more then the woman you fear to disapoint.
  8. Infrasapiens

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    Do not look this kind of things, this is the "Anti-pornography". It is only there to make you feel bad.
  9. Coolyorky

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    They all fit my friend

    Stop over thinking things bro
  10. lolos

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    Stop caring about things you cannot change
  11. The Pickle Whisperer

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    The pickle's size is not important, for all sizes of pickles can end up in a bun.

    What matters is if the pickle is crispy & cool. Everyone loves those kinds of healthy pickles.
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    i'm about 7", which isn't even very large, and you know what most girls i've slept with have said it hurts them. and that's not a good feeling. there's good kind of pain, and bad kind of pain. this was the bad kind, and it would ruin the moment. i think maintaining an erection is more important than size. if you can stay hard for at least 25 or 30 minutes that will produce a much better experience. since i have PIED, i have trouble maintaining erections. i also can't have "fast" and "hard" sex, it makes me lose my erection too. ugh.
  13. ReclaimedLife

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    Trust me i have been where you are right now. And the worry took a huge tall on my life until in turned 31. I am at around 4 inches girth as well. And porn and society made me believe that i wasn't going to be able to make a girl happy in the bed.
    But that is all fucking BULLSHIT! All this shit does is make you worry about something that isn't even a problem yet. It would only be a problem if you have a girlfiend or a lover who isn't happy with what you have.

    Seriously, those people aren't good for you anyway. They either have psychological problems themselves or, if you aren't a match down there, they don't even want to adress the fact that female kegel can have an impact on how much more tight she can become.

    NEVER let your dick stop you. Or your height. Or your intelligence.
    The key is to build your life around what you have and who you are.

    Go to the fkn gym, go swimming, running, dancing, any exercise is good for you.
    Develop yourself and don't look at your dick as something negative.

    I have had sex now as well, and i know that it was stupid to worry about my size. It will just take away from the amazing experience that sex can be.
    You gotta develp yourself in all the areas in the bedroom that make a good lover a good lover...

    Be attentive to her
    Kiss her (a lot)
    Tease her a LOT (more important then kissing!!!!)
    Have fun in the bedroom, dont make it a fkn competition
    Figure out what she responds to more, some need light touch, some like it rough from the start.
    Become good at oral. And i mean really fucking good. The better you are at giving her oral, the more you can send her to heaven and if she is a good girl, she will pay you back.
    Learn positions that are for smaller dicks. Acknowledge that it can be difficult at times, and as the man, it is your job to know what to do.
    Everything where she has her legs together or even crossed with give you both a bigger sensation.
    You can also put a small pillow under her hip..
    Combine a small pillow under her hip with lifting up and crossing her legs, and both of you get a "Wow-position"!

    I can go into more detail, but i dont want to be too triggering.
    You can ask me anytime, just send me a private message, i have a lot more that i can tell you how you can become really good if you are below average with your dick.
    Which again isnt a problem with your dick, its only a problem with your head and the respective mindset.

    But i know how hard it is. Fucking very very.
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  14. Kiz Whalifa

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    It's big enough, relax. Work on the muscles to use the damn thing effectively.

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