Im pretty tempted right now

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by innermostheart, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. innermostheart

    innermostheart Fapstronaut

    Anyone here alive to help?
  2. bigbnoo

    bigbnoo Fapstronaut

    Don't do it.
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  3. The temptation is a lie. It always lies to you. Listen to what it is offering you. Can it actually deliver? It cannot.

    Replace the lie of PMO with the truth of reality. What can actually bring you what PMO says it will provide?

    Why not live in the truth of that instead of in the lie?
  4. innermostheart

    innermostheart Fapstronaut

    I believe you temptation is a lie..
    It just offers temporary release of tension and satisfaction..
    But it's going to make me feel bad after i finish to porn.
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  5. innermostheart

    innermostheart Fapstronaut

    I know.. I just crave For it.. Im sorry.
  6. Get outside brother, take a walk.
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  7. Chappie77

    Chappie77 Fapstronaut

    Feeling a bit apathetic today
    Hard to keep focused on the goal
    It's like the goal is losing importance
    This feeling is temporary
    I can get through this
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  8. Unexist

    Unexist Fapstronaut

    Play the long and smart game, pleasure after O last only few seconds.
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  9. innermostheart

    innermostheart Fapstronaut

    I lost it again =(
    Im resetting again..
    I wish ive read your messages soonest. Wasnt your fault... Damn..
    I feel like i could never change...
    What does it feel to change anyway?
  10. pak_assassin

    pak_assassin Fapstronaut

    Relax , all hope is not lost.
    Just remember this feeling , and tell yourself next time how painful this feeling is. Keep growing , You can do it
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  11. innermostheart

    innermostheart Fapstronaut

    I would remember this shameful feeling. It's all my fault... I killed another life..
  12. innermostheart

    innermostheart Fapstronaut

    Not your fault.
  13. pak_assassin

    pak_assassin Fapstronaut

    Let this Feeling of guilt be your fuel for the NoFap journey .
    Always remember this guilt and pain before you are relapsing , It will help
    You will succeed . This time !

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